IAC® Learning Circle

The IAC® Learning Circle is a program to share knowledge, collaborate, and learn from the global community of coaches. It is a series of talks championed by Chapters across the globe, to share experiences, practices, and coaching tools. We hope that these sessions spark your curiosity, encourage you to reflect, and initiate dialogues within your coaching community.

AC Learning Circle | Sustainability: Equipping Members for Sustainability Coaching

You are invited to participate in the August 16 Learning Circle webinar to learn about the IAC’s commitment to global sustainability and equipping our members who coach in areas related to ESG – Environmental, Social, and Governance. Sustainability can be defined as goals, actions, and practices that support the long-term viability of the earth to sustain life, allowing all living beings to thrive.

You will hear from the IAC Sustainability Team on the work that the team is engaged in and the resources that will become available for members to work within the sustainability coaching space.

In the session, you will learn:
What is sustainability and how can coaching support sustainability work
The significance of the 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals
The IAC’s work with the JGSG (Joint Global Statement Group) and Climate Coaching Alliance
How The Coaching Masteries can be used as a framework for supporting sustainability coaching

IAC️ LEARNING CIRCLE | Transforming Education through Coaching

Quality education is among the 17 Sustainable Development Goals. It focuses on “equitable quality education and promotes lifelong learning opportunities for all”. Focus on coaching, as a key intervention in the education sector, has seen significant growth in recent years globally. Many of you may be aware of the growing field of research in this space.

We wish to help you connect and learn with a community of IAC coaches with an interest in this space.
We decided to take this a step ahead by curating this initiative with the aim to:
-Raise Awareness in the community on the impact of coaching in Education.
-Create a space for the IAC community of coaches to learn, experiment and co-create coaching tools and practices in the field of education.
-Provide the opportunity for IAC coaches to collaborate globally and deepen their practice of The Coaching Masteries in the field of education.

Our “Coaching-in-Education” project team has worked passionately over the past few months to create this learning space for IAC Accredited Schools, Chapters, and members. We have curated best practices to create a broad framework and resources that will guide the pilot batch.
If you are keen to join the growing community of IAC global coaches who are exploring possibilities to engage in coaching in the Education sector – join the webinar.

Join us to know more!
The IAC invites you to the Learning Circle scheduled for July 26th, 2023. Your participation and promotion of this world event is appreciated.
Language interpretation in the Zoom room: English, Spanish and Chinese.
Retransmission through our official Facebook and Youtube pages.

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AC Learning Circle | The role of Coaching in Diversity & Inclusion

Coaching can be a critical component in building a culture of inclusion in organizations and businesses. DE&I (Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion) have become crucial and transformative elements both in the workplace and within our society.

Diversity in the workplace has many proven benefits, including improved productivity and problem-solving, increased innovation, better individual performance, and greater benefits.

IAC invites you to the Learning Circle scheduled for June 2023. It is a space to expand knowledge and broaden your perspective, drawing from the valuable experiences of coaches from different corners of the world.

Event with language interpretation in the Zoom room: Spanish, French, Chinese, and English.
Livestreaming through our official Facebook and YouTube pages.
See you on June 21, 2023 (8:30 am New York time).

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IAC Learning Circle | Understanding Members Benefits

We want to connect with You our members, to highlight the benefits of being part of IAC community and to provide a view of one of the major benefits of IAC membership – the Certification Path – and specifically how the triads help you walk this path. We would also like to ask you what other benefits you believe we could be providing. We would love to hear your ideas and opinions.

Experience the journey towards the certification process together with IAC Coaches and learn in detail about the process, the learning and the value of living the Path to excellence in Coaching with the IAC. The IAC invites you to the Learning Circle scheduled for May 17,2023. Your participation and promotion of this world event is appreciated. Language interpretation in the Zoom room: Spanish, French, Chinese and English. Retransmission through our official Facebook and Youtube pages.

Thank you very much and see you on May 17, 2023 (8:30 am New York time)

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IAC Learning Circle | The Value of Life Long Learning on coaching.

What separates a great coach from the rest? That is a question that the IAC’s Founder, Thomas Leonard, asked us 20 years ago.
Ever since, IAC’s Vision has been to advance the profession of Coaching excellence to the highest standards of universal excellence. Lifelong learning is one of our core Values that is lived, cultivated and nurtured through our rigorous certification process for Coaches and Accreditation of Coaching Schools.

To date we have expanded our growth in six regions of the world: Southeast Asia, Greater China, Africa, North America and Latin America. Come join us at this month’s Learning Circle where you will learn interesting things about the value and significance of Lifelong Learning and find some answers to questions you may not have known you had!
The IAC invites you to the Learning Circle scheduled for April 2023. Your participation and promotion of this world event is appreciated.

Event with language interpretation in the Zoom room: Spanish, French, Chinese and English.
Retransmission through our official Facebook and Youtube pages.

Thank you very much and see you on April 19, 2023 (8:30 am New York time)

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IAC LEARNING CIRCLE | Coaching: Universal methodology triggering actions and transformation.

How can a coaching process based on the IAC Coaching Masteries trigger action and transformation in clients?
How, in a multidisciplinary and multicultural environment, can we achieve excellent results in the practice of the IAC Masteries?
In the IAC we learn about coaching as a universal methodology that triggers action and transformation.
Experience the last episode of the Learning Circle 2022 Program, learning together with exceptional Coaches, how Coaching has positioned itself in the world as a universal tool triggering actions and transformations for the achievement of goals and objectives.


We invite you to participate in the new Global Edition of the Learning Circle Program of the International Association of Coaching️ and this time with a great topic on the table and 5 guests from various regions of the world.
Coaching in its basic expression is understood as a one-on-one conversation, which focuses on promoting learning and development of people, through provoking and encouraging self-awareness and awakening; based on active listening, reflective questions, inviting a sense of personal responsibility and above all concrete actions to improve academic performance.
When we propose to talk about the impact of incorporating Coaching in education, we mean that this conversational methodology does not focus on teaching in a directive way like traditional education, but quite the opposite; it allows to create the right conditions to learn in a more autonomous way, creating the best environments and safe areas for people to learn by themselves, making students become true participants of learning and reach solutions through their own self-reflection, improving their academic performance and their daily life.
In the next Learning Circle of the International Association of Coaching IAC️, you will be able to enjoy together with IAC️ Coaches, the vision from their regions on this topic of great importance: “The impact of incorporating Coaching in education”.
AGENDA: Wednesday, September 21, 2022 – 9:30 NYC.
You’re Welcome at the IAC️!
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Learning Circle IAC® | Expanding Coaching.
A vision from the Regions of the IAC.

The practice of Coaching has expanded throughout the world, being considered today as one of the most important skills to support and accompany the achievement of objectives and goals, both individually and in work teams.
Although there may be various models, its basic methodology of talking, listening, asking and accompanying the Coachee in his choice, is its universal basis and is valid in each of the world’s regions.
In this context, we will have the opportunity to know the point of view of six volunteer members of the IAC, each one works as Regional Coordinator and they make up the Global Committee of Chapters.
Africa, Ibero-America, Southeast Asia, India, North America and Greater China are regions that make up IACGlobal, having the opportunity to learn first-hand about the vision of the people who promote Excellence Coaching on a daily basis in each region, the how it relates to the culture and reality of each of them. This way we will know the challenges, the opportunities, the possibilities, the tendencies of this new profession.
We invite you to participate in this new chapter of the Learning Circle of the International Association of Coaching, and discover how Coaching is expanding worldwide, thanks to the fact that every day more people and organizations are seeing the benefits to improve their communication processes, clarification and alignment of action plans.
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Learning CircleIAC® Global Special Edition

We have Learning Circle IAC® Global Special Edition
March is a month of celebration for the IAC®.
We celebrate International Women’s Day (March )
We celebrate our 19th Anniversary (March 11)
We celebrate the International Day of Happiness (March 20)
Bringing together the entire family of friends and members in a connection of celebration and permanent learning where our values are present and become the basis of a rich and inclusive conversation around the theme “Gender Equality in Communities for a Sustainable Future”.
With the participation of active and committed members representing all our regions with different and interesting topics.
Enjoy this special event for a March of celebration!

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Kick-Off USA Chapter “Inclusivity as a Value in Coaching”

Great start of activities of our USA chapter, if you did not see it live, here you can repeat this great moment.
Let’s celebrate with our chapter IAC®.USA click on the video.

#IACCoaching #IACCoachingMasteries #IACUSA

Learning Circle N° 12: The Coaching  Masteries ® as a tool for conflict management

If you train your coaching practice in The Coaching  Masteries ® you will bring a powerful tool for conflict management into organizations.
This month’s our IAC® Learning Circle is organized by our IAC® Mexico Chapter, you find out what The Coaching  Masteries ® can do to handle conflict within an organization.
In this session we will learn together with two coaches, active IAC® volunteers, with extensive experience:

Vanessa Ramirez: Chapter Communications Leader IAC® Mexico, is passionate about Talent Development, she works as a Coach and a consultant for Attraction, Development, and Retention of Talent for organizations. With more than 24 years of experience in Automotive and Aerospace Manufacturing, she empowers leaders and collaborators to be more effective and happier in the performance of their functions, making organizations more profitable and more humane.

Margarita Velazquez, IAC-Masteries Practitioner™IAC® Translator Global Communications Team, facilitates human development for people to find meaning in their lives and discover their greatness through coaching processes in different types of organizations. She is also a government-certified conflict mediator to help people find ways to have healthy and constructive interactions, awaken their ability to negotiate, work collaboratively to provide solutions to their disputes, and move from their current situation to their desired situation.

We are sure that this meeting will be of great value to you in order to add tools to your professional growth.

Learning Circle: Coaching with Choice Theory

Facilitated by:
Dr. A. Sher Kawi Jaafar, IAC-Masteries Practitioner™ popularly known as Dr. Sher, is a licensed professional counselor, certified coach, psychoeducational consultant, and motivator from Malaysia. Moderated by our IAC President Elect Dr. Luis Gaviria.
A great connection space to enhance our lifelong learning as coaching professionals.

Learning Circle: La Calidad del Coaching en la IAC

Coaches miembros del Comité de Certificaciones de la IAC, con las más altas designaciones: IAC-Master Coach™ (IAC-MC™) y de IAC-Certified Coach™ (IAC-CC™) te compartirán como la IAC contribuye a la excelencia del Coaching, manteniendo los más altos estándares de calidad a través del estudio y la práctica de las IAC Coaching Masteries.

IAC Learning Circle Nº 10: Minority In Coaching- From Being Coached To Being A Coach

Two visually impaired coaches from Hong Kong IAC HK Chapter will share their journey of being an IAC certified coach. They will cover their stories from learning coaching to serving other minority groups such as other persons with disabilities, ethnic minorities and other underprivileged groups. They are to demonstrate how and why to serve the community with coaching.
It will be a great conversation and space of learning facilitated by:
• Merrick Ho, IAC-Certified Coach™ Chapter Leader of Hong Kong Chapter
• Isaac Kwong, IAC-Certified Coach™ Director of Community Relations, Hong Kong Chapter

IAC Learning Circle Nº 9: Become IAC Licensee. Become part of the Highest Coaching Standard

A program presented by the Member coaches of the IAC® Global Licensee Committee.
In this session you will know in depth the process to become a Licensee of The Coaching  Masteries ®, in line with the mission, vision, values and code of ethics of the IAC®.
Recognizing that our licensed coaches, mentors, and their schools are valuable partners in achieving the Coaching Mastery.

IAC Learning Circle Nº 8: Embracing Coaching in Youth

A program presented by the Kuala Lumpur chapter and the experience of its members in coaching with young people.
Great leaders, young coaches, will share their views on how coaching enhances the development of young people in their personal and professional lives, building generations of future impact.
It will be a great conversation and space of learning facilitated by:

• Rhonwyn Hagedorn
IAC-Masteries Practitioner™
Founder of Project WHEE
Co-Director of MYbeat Drum Circles
Drum circle facilitator trainer, VMC Global

• Roshaan Suren
IAC-Masteries Practitioner™
Young Enterprise Program & Junior Achievement Malaysia Program Lead
Specialized in Financial Literacy, Entrepreneurship and Educational Programs for youth.

Moderated by:

• Ching Hoay Chew
IAC-Masteries Practitioner™
Clinical Psychologist at an international humanitarian medical Non Governmental Organization.

IAC Learning Circle N° 7: Open Forum! The IAC Certification

Join the IAC Certification team in our Open Forum! The purpose of this conversation is to share the IAC certification process and to clarify any questions you may have.
We will also share experiences and feedback by coaches who have taken the certification journey. We invite you to participate in the conversation if you wish to explore what makes IAC certification unique and how it can support your learning journey.
You do not need to be a member of the IAC to join the session. If you are passionate about learning, we welcome you to our Learning Circle!

It will be a great conversation and space of learning facilitated by:
• Anjali Nair, IAC 2nd. Vice President, IAC IAC-Certified Coach™.
• Monica Siu, IAC Formerof Hong Kong Chapter (2018 – 2020), IAC-Master Coach™.
Both are members of IAC Board of Governors and leaders of the IAC Certifications Committee

IAC Learning Circle N° 6: Coaching Business Owners for Antifragility.Team IAC India

Small businesses, in times of chaos, are at their most vulnerable. What is the approach that we can take for coaching owners and drivers of small to medium businesses to take them to a position of anti-fragility. A state where they can go beyond staying resilient in the face of chaos to actively embracing it as a way to become stronger. As most coaches run their own businesses, in this presentation we address an issue that is equally relevant to both the client and the coach.
It is a conversation of height with Coaches of our IAC India Chapter:

• Krishna Kumar, IAC President (2016-2017), Leadership & Executive Coach.
• Saurav R. Mohanty, IAC-Masteries Practitioner™, Leadership Coach & Management Consultant.
• Rajiv Misra, IAC-Masteries Practitioner™, Leadership Coach & Management Consultant.

IAC Learning Circle N° 5: The Spirit of Meaningful Transitions. Team IAC Canada Chapter

This IAC learning Circle webinar is titled “The Spirit of Meaningful Transitions” with the participation of Terry Lipovski, BoG Member and IAC-Certified Coach™ as moderator, the speakers told us about very interesting topics:

* Cicero Carvalho (Montreal, QC): The Importance of Self Knowledge
* Catherine Miller (Flesherton, ON): Cultivating Emotional Wellbeing
* Marco Iafrate (Calgary, AB): The Empowered Transition
* Ed Britton (Calgary, AB): Adventure, Achievement & Contribution in Mid to Late Life
They are all members of the IAC Canada Chapter.

IAC Learning Circle N° 4: Coaching Skills Program. For Penang DEAF Association (PDA)

This IAC learning Circle webinar is titled Coaching Skills Program For Penang DEAF Association (PDA). IAC Penang Chapter share our experiences of teaching the Coaching program to Penang Deaf Association (PDA), what they did, what challenges they have experienced, and the outcome of the program with:
• Coach Lay Pin Lim, Coach Hock Soon Neoh as speakers and Coach Barry Tan and Coach Major Dr J. Prabagaran as moderators.

IAC Learning Circle N° 3: Where is Coaching going? Where is the IAC going?

The objective of this program “IAC Learning Circle” is to share knowledge, collaborate, and learn from the global community of coaches.
Our second session is on The central theme was Where is Coaching going? Where is the IAC going? facilitated by great Coaches and Leaders of our organization:
• Shan Moorthi, IAC Global President, from Malaysia.
• José Manuel “Pepe” del Rio, IAC Past President, from Mexico.
• Luis Gaviria, IAC Vice President, from the USA.
Enjoy this wonderful encounter

IAC Learning Circle N° 2: The Spirit of the IAC. Licensing and certification process

The objective of this program “IAC Learning Circle” is to share knowledge, collaborate, and learn from the global community of coaches.

Our second session is on the spirit of the IAC, with focus in the certification process and the process to become a licensee of The Coaching  Masteries ®. It will be an in-depth conversation about the IAC Mission, Vision, and Values with the participation of great coaches:

• Martha Pasternack from Florida, USA. (Speaker)
IAC ExCo member, IAC Treasurer.
IAC-Master Coach™.

• Gonzalo de la Canal from Montevideo, Uruguay. (Speaker)
IAC Bog Member, Global Licensee Coordinator.
IAC-Masteries Practitioner™.

• Kian Aun Tan from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. (Host)
IAC Kuala Lumpur Chapter Leader
IAC Regional Coordinator East Asian Chapters.
IAC Active member.

Enjoy this wonderful encounter!

IAC Learning Circle N° 1: Stay Hungry, be curious. Lifelong Learning

The objective of this program “IAC Learning Circle” is to share knowledge, collaborate, and learn from the global community of coaches.

Our first session is on lifelong learning, a value that we are passionate about at IAC.
We will have the participation of Coach Shan Moorthi our IAC Global President as a special guest, who will welcome and kick off the program and the participation of Fernando Celis as moderator.

The speakers are:
• Anjali Nair from India
IAC- 2nd Vice President, Ex-Co Member, IAC-Certified Coach™. Founder-The HR StudioHR Consultant and Leadership Coach.
• Terry Lipovski from Canada
ExCo Member, IAC Secretary
IAC-Certified Coach™. Founder of Ubiquity Coaching. Certified Executive Coach, Presentation Coach, Facilitator.

Enjoy this wonderful encounter!

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