IAC Voice Seeks Readers’ Input, Articles

The IAC Voice is seeking
your suggestions for topics to be reported in the newsletter. There
are two ways to participate:

  • If you have an idea
    for a story but hate to write, we invite you to send your idea
    along with a brief description and your contact information (please
    include phone number and time zone) to voice@certifiedcoach.org.
  • If you love to write
    and would like to submit an article for publication, please send
    it along with your name, contact information and photo to voice@certifiedcoach.org.


  • Articles should
    not exceed 350 words and should be written in standard
    journalistic style.
  • The Voice reserves
    the right to accept or reject any article. When articles are
    accepted for publication, the editor determines publication date.
  • The Voice also reserves
    the right to edit articles to fit the publication’s style.
    Articles edited for grammar and style will be run without consultation
    with the writer. Any articles edited where content is updated,
    altered or changed for
    Any other reason be will be reviewed by the writer prior to publication.
  • While the IAC Voice
    does not pay for articles, it does offer the writer the opportunity
    to include a short bio, a photo and contact information.
  • When an article
    is submitted to the Voice, the writer grants IAC the right to
    publish the work in the IAC newsletter as well as on the website
    and in other IAC communications. Prior to use, the writer will
    be notified and all contact information will be included at the
    time of publication.

For a complete deadline
and publication date guide for 2004, please contact IAC at voice@certifiedcoach.org.

© 2004, International Association of Coaching
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