IAC VOICE – Special Edition, April 18, 2005, Volume 2, Number 5

IAC Boldly Steps Into The Future!

We think you'll agree this special edition of the IAC Voice
was worth waiting for – there are exciting changes happening
at the IAC, and we are eager to have your help in shaping
the future of the organization.

Perhaps you've heard that we're working on the next
generation of the IAC Certification process. It's true! A
dedicated group of volunteers from around the globe has
been working to develop ideas that will form a truly
international set of standards for certifying coaches. The IAC
will have a new foundation for its certification process that
represents a truly international perspective on what
constitutes quality coaching.

If you're currently preparing to become an IAC Certified
Coach, and you want to know how this will affect you,
continue reading (more info below).

And we've got more news from the Board of Governors
of the International Association of Coaching – big changes,
and a bigger vision.

After many months of hard work, the executive
team drafted a Vision and a Mission Statement to more accurately reflect the
future of the organization and the goals of the membership.


Evolving humans


The IAC is an independent, non-profit, professional organization dedicated to
supporting the growth and evolution of quality coaching and client satisfaction

We are eager to have your involvement! We will be scheduling several IAC Town
Hall Meetings in the near future. We want to hear what you have to say.

What do YOU

We want your feedback. Please
send your comments to: vision@certifiedcoach.org.

Information on the changes to the
IAC Certification Process

I'm trying to become an IAC Certified Coach.
does this mean to me?

For now, it means, continue doing what you're doing. The
way to become an IAC Certified Coach hasn't changed. Here
is the basic information.

How do I become an IAC Certified Coach?
The current path to certification starts with Step One, the
online written examination. (Click
here for more details

When you have passed Step One, you may proceed
Step Two, the evaluation of your coaching. (Click
here for
more details

The Certifying Coaches will determine Step Three
for each
applicant. (Click
here for more details

Is the test still
based on The 15 Proficiencies?
Yes. Whatever you have studied and practiced to help you learn and
master the natural use of The 15 Proficiencies in your coaching will help you
in your steps to certification.

Does this mean,
at some point, you’ll stop certifying based on The 15 Proficiencies?

Yes. If you have begun the process of certification based on The 15 Proficiencies,
you will have more than a year from now to complete the process. At some point,
the IAC will begin offering certification based on the new standards of evaluation.
On that date, the IAC will continue to offer certification based on The 15 Proficiencies
for one calendar year.

Will people who got the "old"
certification have to
be recertified?

No. It is expected that the IAC Certified Coaches who
demonstrated a mastery of The 15 Proficiencies have
already demonstrated the skills and knowledge the IAC
would require under any circumstances. All IAC Certified
Coaches may be asked to continue their education or
demonstrate their mastery of new skills from time to time,
as may be determined by the Certifying Coaches.

How is the IAC creating the new standards

The IP is being developed by a dedicated
group of
volunteers from around the globe to insure that the IAC
certification reflects a truly international standard. The work
is being done under the leadership of Barbara Mark, Ph.D.,
President of the Board of Governors of the International
Association of Coaches. Several teams comprised of
participants from around the globe are doing the work.
They meet regularly by conference call, and continue their
lively deliberations via e-mail. These coaches are all
volunteers. They are not being paid, nor will they retain any
ownership or authorship of any of the final
product. When
this work is complete, the intellectual property will belong
solely to the IAC.

Why is it important that the IAC create
intellectual property?
It is important for the IAC to be
a completely independent
organization in keeping with its not-for-profit status under
the statutes of the Internal Revenue Service. As such, the
IAC must be neutral, without benefiting any member’s
specific business interests. Also, the IAC is committed to
creating a certification process that is truly international,
cross-cultural, and capable of growing and changing when
that seems wise. The new fundamentals that will form the
basis of our certification process are being designed to
address that.

When is that process expected to produce

The committees hope to have a draft to share
with the
membership by May. After you’ve had a chance to read
what we’ve come up with, we’ll hold several telephone
town meetings to get your feedback and hear your

Is anybody making money? Will anybody profit
from this new intellectual property?

It is the intention of the (all-volunteer) Board of Governors
that the International Association of Coaching become
financially independent. Becoming self-sustaining is one of
the foremost goals of the board. Currently, the IAC depends
upon the generous contributions of a few individual donors
to supplement the budgetary needs of the organization. The
Board of Governors may, in the future, use fees connected
with the intellectual property to cover some of the expenses
of the organization. However, no individual will have special
opportunities to profit.

You didn't answer my question.
Sorry. What's your question?
Email us at vision@certifiedcoach.org

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