IAC VOICE, Vol 1, Num 1, January 27, 2004

January 27, 2004, Vol 1, Num 1 

January 27, 2004, Vol 1, Num 1

Sample Exam Now On-line

IAC members can now practice taking the Phase I certification exam on-line by going to http://www.certifiedcoach.org/sample.html.

Here you will find a sample coaching scenario featuring a 49 year old physician approaching burn-out and feeling resentful of his medical partner.

You are then provided choices on how to coach him based on the 15 proficiencies. You receive immediate feedback on your answer by connecting to a link which takes you to the correct answer and an explanation of why it is the right one to choose. In addition, explanations are offered for why the other two possible answers are incorrect.

“We are very grateful to Barbra Sundquist and Donna Steinhorn who created this sample exam,” said Michael “Coop” Cooper, IAC President, when announcing the exam’s availability today. “Both are excellent coaches and dedicated volunteers who have given of themselves to help all IAC members.”

Sundquist is a mentor coach who specializes in helping other coaches obtain their certification. Steinhorn is a life and business coach and the founder of EWIT (Entrepreneurial Women Interested In Innovative Tomorrows), an organization for high-achieving women.

MAPP Assessment Offer Ends Saturday;
Six Additional Training Teleclasses Added

If you have been thinking about taking advantage of the special 2-for-1 offer for the MAPP Assessment, the time to act is this week.

After January 31st the cost to purchase this personalized career and life tool to use with clients will return to $38 per exam compared to the special offer of $19 per exam when you purchase six or more. To learn more and to order the MAPP Assesment, go to

“A significant number of coaches have already taken advantage of the offer,” said Laura Hendershot, IAC Board of Governors member who coordinates the organization’s member benefits. “Not only will your clients gain important personal insight, you will be able to increase your coaching revenues, because each exam and the related coaching to review it can generate $249 per client.”

In addition to the special offer, Assessment.com, producers of the MAPP product, are offering free tele-training classes on how to use and interpret the assessment. Four classes have already filled and six new classes are being added for February 19, February 26, March 4, March 11, March 18 and March 25. Classes are also open to coaches still considering using the assessment but who want more information before making their decision.

To register for one of the classes, send an email to Success@Assessment.com with MAPP Teleclass in the subject line. You will receive details, including the bridge line number, by return email.




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