IAC VOICE, Vol 1, Num 3, April 20, 2004

20 , 2004, Vol 1, Num 3
to our 6,316 members

In This Issue

1. President’s Message
2. Meet IAC’s 6000th Member
Board Elects New Officers
4. Report On Status Of IAC Certification
5. Subscribe/Unsubscribe Option (and other
end-of-newsletter stuff!)

By Barbara Weiland-Mark,

Welcome to spring: a time for warmth, new beginnings,
and growth.

There have been some changes in the leadership
of the IAC. I would like to express our deepest thanks for the people
who have served on the Board of Governors and have taken IAC from
the initial vision of Thomas J. Leonard to a thriving organization
of over 6,000 members. (Our history is on the IAC website on the
“About Us” page.)

Thomas personally asked Michael “Coop”
Cooper, Laura Hendershot and Susan Austin to found and serve with
him on the IAC board. Since that time, they have provided dedicated
and inspiring leadership. Each has put in countless hours, and because
of that dedication, we have reached the heights that we have grown
to as an organization.

Many others contributed (and continue to contribute)
to the growth of IAC in many ways, and we are indebted to them.
Dedicated project leaders, volunteers, and board members, as well
as those of you who have contributed through our R&D team, have
given the IAC amazing energy, spirit and strength. We extend our
heartfelt thanks to each of you. IAC would not exist and thrive
without your efforts.

In March Coop stepped down as president, Susan
stepped down as chair of the board, and Laura stepped down as secretary.
It is my pleasure to honor their contributions and thank them for
their service. It is because of the foundation that these individuals
have built that the IAC thrives today.

In our next issue we will be introducing
the new leadership team in detail. For now, I would like to hold
the spotlight on the wonderful team of people who have contributed
and who continue to contribute to the great organization that is
the International Association of Coaching. Please join me in a virtual

IAC’s 6000th Member:
Chadwick Whitney from Hampshire IL

He may be a new member of IAC, but
Chadwick Whitney has been — in his words — “an unofficial
coach for quite a while.” Currently he coaches a few real
estate investors and four business majors from his Alma Mater, Northern
Illinois University. “I have considerable experience in international
real estate and business. This is the core specialty in my current
operations, and I will likely offer coaching services tailored to
this specialty or related to it,” he says.

He plans to offer coaching as a value-added
service to the base of his business. “I do not think I will
publicly advertise my services but instead will take on clients
through my current clientele and associates. I have an extremely
busy schedule already,” he says.

As for his interests outside of business, he
speaks Russian, Serbo-Croat and a little German. “I have traveled
extensively overseas and enjoy the international marketplace, he
says.” My hobbies include British and American History, Rugby,
and horses — I own five.”

Board Elects New Officers

By a unanimous vote of the Board of Governors
at its last meeting, the following officers were elected:

of the Board – Shirley Anderson, MS, Certified Masteries Coach, MCC

Owner and President of Coach Miami, Inc.



– Barbara Mark Ph.D.

Founder and Principal of Full Circle Institute

– Barbara Lemaire, Ph.D.

President of NextStep Coaching

Each officer serves for three years. Watch for profiles of the new
officers in the next issue of the Voice.

Report on Status
of IAC Certification

Shirley Anderson,
Chair, IAC Board Of Governors
Chair, Certifying/Examiner Committee

As the chair of the Certifying/Examiner Committee,
I’d like to bring you up to date on the certification process.

First, we warmly thank and acknowledge the 10
coaches who volunteered to help refine the Step 2 procedures of
the certification process. This was a valuable learning experience.
We are just completing our reports to the Beta Test coaches on this
segment of the certifying process.

To perfect the system, Susan Austin, Anna Dargitz
and I worked with a group of 10 Beta Test coaches. We reviewed calls
that these coaches did with their clients, listening for mastery
of the 15 Proficiencies in a live coaching situation.

We were also working with a prototype of the
Online Scorecard, which was used to score the coach on each of the
15 Proficiencies. This scorecard provides a numeric scoring for
the level of mastery of the proficiency and a space for helpful

Because this is still in development, we backed
it up with a manual system. The score for each proficiency was reached
by consensus of at least two and usually three examiners, after
independent review. Since the Online Scorecard system needs more
tweaks, we are using the manual system to track the scores and feedback.

We are indebted to all of the Beta Test coaches
for their pioneering spirit and patience while we worked out the
bugs. As a result of the Step 2 calls that we reviewed, three of
the coaches moved on to Step 3, the personal interview with the
examiners. Sali Taylor Karen Van Cleve and Nina East have met the
requirement for IAC Certified Coach, and others in the Beta Test
group are in the process of completing requirements.

Going Forward
Now that the Beta Test is complete, we will soon open Step 2 in
May for the other coaches who successfully passed Step 1.

To streamline and simplify the process, we will
be asking coaches to take Step 2 in the future to audio-tape their
client calls and mail them to us. We will give the details in a
future IAC Voice Newsletter, when we are ready to go.

We also want to remind all candidates that,
except for those coaches who qualified for the fee exemption by
taking Step 1 by December 1, 2003, there is a $200 fee for taking
Step 2. This fee will cover the costs of the testing process. About
150 people qualified for the fee waiver for Step 2.

As you read in Barbara Mark’s “President‘s
Message“ above, the IAC as an organization, was shaken by
the loss of Thomas Leonard. The founding directors served through
two difficult years and led us through incorporation and the challenges
around the creation and development of the IAC Certified Coach exam.
We honor them, as well as Thomas, by grappling with the current
realities while keeping focused on our mission to certify coaches
based solely on the 15 Proficiencies and to further the interests
of coaching clients worldwide.

Final Note
We want to clarify and distinguish the criteria for the IAC Certified
Coach designation, in case there is any confusion. We test solely
on the 15 Proficiencies taught by Coachville, LLC. We do not test
on the Coachville coaching system, which includes other components.
We do not test on any other philosophy, discipline or method. We
have found that masterful coaching incorporates use of the 15 Proficiencies
in a natural, organic way.

I will be in touch again when we can give you
the date and the details for the launch of Step 2.

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