IAC VOICE, Vol 1, Num 4, May 27, 2004

27, 2004, Vol 1, Num 4
to our 6,591 members
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1. Introducing IAC’s New Officers
2. Introducing New IAC Voice Editor
3. Invitation To Participate In Voice
4. Advertising: MAPP
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IAC’s New Officers
would like you to meet…

In the last issue of
the IAC Voice, we promised to introduce new officers of IAC’s
Board of Governors. As you discover their skills, training, experience
and talents, we are sure you will agree that they are able leaders
and an impressive asset to IAC.

Board of Governors
Chair, Certifier/Examiner Committee

Shirley Anderson, MS, MCC, IAC-CC
President and Owner, Coach Miami, Inc.
Frederick, SD (Population 250)

Shirley Anderson, IAC’s newly elected Chair of the Board of
Governors (BOG), has been coaching since 1989. She has worked with
more than 1,000 clients, helping them to achieve their goals and
leverage their skills. She works with executives, authors and other

Shirley holds a bachelor’s
degree in English and a master’s degree in criminal justice.
Her coaching certifications include Certified Masteries Coach,
Master Certified Coach (MCC), and IAC Certified Coach (IAC CC).
As a member of the IAC Certifier/Examiner Committee, she was one
of the three original coaches to earn IAC’s Certified Coach
designation. Shirley has been active in IAC since it was founded,
originally focusing on Advanced Coaching Models and Systems. In
addition to her role on the BOG, Shirley serves as Chair of the
Certifier/Examiner Committee and is working with the certifying
team to bring Step Two of the IAC Certified Coach exam to the full

If you are wondering
why someone in the very small town of Frederick, SD, has Coach Miami
as her business name – wonder no more! Shirley moved to Frederick
21 months ago after years of living and coaching in Miami, FL.

Looking back to the
inception of coaching, Shirley recalls that “twenty years
ago coaching was an executive perk, available only to corporate
executives and leaders.” As a pioneer in the field, she says
coaching emerged as a discipline with distinct models, principles,
concepts and techniques “thanks to the brilliance and leadership
of the late Thomas Leonard.” She believes that the “diverse
business and professional backgrounds of new coaches enriches the
profession and makes coaching available to the ordinary person.”
She views coaching research as the most exciting current industry
activity and says it “is helping to distinguish the work we
do as a true profession.”

She also reminds us
that, “while coaching is not yet a household word , substantially
more people are aware of it through the best selling books of Cheryl
Richardson and Laura Berman Fortgang, as well as extensive favorable
publicity in the popular and business media.”

Shirley invites anyone,
anywhere who wants to learn more about coaching to join her free
Coaching Salon™ conference call the first three Mondays of
every month at 1 pm Eastern Time. Just dial 1-646-519-5860 and enter
pin #2564. The Salon lasts an hour, and you can participate in live
coaching, ask questions, and share your thoughts with other coaches.


Barbara Wieland Mark, Ph.D.
San Francisco, CA

Dr. Barbara Mark
is a full-time professional coach who specializes in executive lifestyle
coaching and consulting for senior executives. She has been working
with people for over 25 years.

Barbara holds a master’s
degree in integrative psychology and a doctorate in transpersonal
psychology with a focus in human potential. She is active in both
the IAC and the International Coaching Federation. She has served
on the IAC Coaching Review Board and developed “The Distinction
Between Therapy and Coaching” guidelines. (Once these guidelines
were in place, Barbara turned over the leadership for this are to
Marcus Gramps. To contact him or comment on the guidelines, email

Barbara is the immediate
past director of the Professional Ethics Review Committee (PERC)
and is the author of the PERC guidelines. She is past co-president
of SFCoaches, the San Francisco chapter of ICF.

Barbara is founder
of Full Circle Institute, the parent company of BarbaraMark.com,
and Women’s Wisdom which provide coaching, mentoring and workshops.
She is also the co-founder of Women’s Presence, a coaching
company for women in midlife.

So what has she found
to be the most difficult challenge when coaching senior business
executives? “The hard part is getting executives to give as
much time, energy and attention to the internal and they do to the
external,” she says.

Barbara C. Lemaire, Ph.D.
Diego, CA

Dr. Barbara Lemaire
is a professional coach, a certified personal trainer, a Reiki master,
and president of NextStep Coaching.

She holds a Ph.D. in
psychology and is assistant chairperson of the Professional Coaching
and Human Development Department at International University of
Professional Studies. As a coach, Barbara has dedicated herself
to the study of self-actualization and peak-performance which she
draws on in her coaching practice which focuses on corporate time
management, communications, marketing and sales.

Barbara also goes for
peak-performance in her personal life. She was has been named “Top
Sales Representative” for three years running, serves on the
Executive Board for the San Diego Professional Coaches Alliance
and is the Director of Sales and Marketing for Coaching Connections
Magazine. She also collected over $3,000 in donations for “Team
in Training” and walked 26.2 miles in the 2000 Honolulu Marathon.

Ruth Ann Harnisch
Nashville TN and E. Quoque, NY

Ruth Ann Harnisch,
president of the Harnisch Family Foundation, spent the better part
of three decades as a journalist who delighted in provocative conversations.
Now, as a philanthropist and personal coach, she still enjoys a
meaningful exchange.

These days, however,
the subject is likely to be money. Her coaching practice centers
on wealthy people and nonprofit executives who want more clarity,
focus, and satisfaction. After retiring from her journalism work
as a television news anchor, radio talk-show host and newspaper
columnist, Ruth Ann became a national advocate for philanthropy.
She serves on the board of More Than Money, a nonprofit organization
for people with significant financial resources who want to explore
the impact of money in their lives while acting on their highest
values. She’s also collecting stories of Thrillionaires, people
who know the thrill of giving.

Appoints New Voice Editor

IAC Voice is pleased to announce that Dr. Leelo-Dianne Bush
has is the publication’s new editor.

She takes over from
Rosemary Hauschild, IAC Board of Governors member, who is responsible
for IAC’s public relations activities. “Dr. Bush, who
brings a wealth of experience to the Voice, as well as to coaching,
is a great addition to our PR efforts,” said Rosemary. “And,
as a result of her contributions, IAC will now be able to turn its
attention to additional communications and public relations activities.”

Dr. Bush, who has been
an entrepreneur for over 30 years, is a Christian Life Coach and
an ordained counselling minister. Through her coaching practice,
she helps her clients live life to the fullness God intended while
improving their capabilities, productivity and life balance. She
also offers retirement coaching, business coaching and Christian

Dr. Bush started her
first business at age 17, then went on to Ohio State University
where she earned her undergraduate degree. Following graduation
she worked as a financial planner, managed human resource departments
and owned businesses in health care as well as in marketing and
public relations. She has also worked as a television talk show
host and executive producer, as a political consultant and as the
publisher of several periodicals.

Dr. Bush lives in sunny
Cape Coral, Florida, with her husband Evan and their teenage daughter

To get better acquainted
with Dr. Bush, visit her website at

Voice Seeks Readers’ Input, Articles

The IAC Voice is seeking
your suggestions for topics to be reported in the newsletter. There
are two ways to participate:

  • If you have an idea
    for a story but hate to write, we invite you to send your idea
    along with a brief description and your contact information (please
    include phone number and time zone) to voice@certifiedcoach.org.
  • If you love to write
    and would like to submit an article for publication, please send
    it along with your name, contact information and photo to voice@certifiedcoach.org.


  • Articles should
    not exceed 350 words and should be written in standard
    journalistic style.
  • The Voice reserves
    the right to accept or reject any article. When articles are
    accepted for publication, the editor determines publication date.
  • The Voice also reserves
    the right to edit articles to fit the publication’s style.
    Articles edited for grammar and style will be run without consultation
    with the writer. Any articles edited where content is updated,
    altered or changed for
    Any other reason be will be reviewed by the writer prior to publication.
  • While the IAC Voice
    does not pay for articles, it does offer the writer the opportunity
    to include a short bio, a photo and contact information.
  • When an article
    is submitted to the Voice, the writer grants IAC the right to
    publish the work in the IAC newsletter as well as on the website
    and in other IAC communications. Prior to use, the writer will
    be notified and all contact information will be included at the
    time of publication.

For a complete deadline
and publication date guide for 2004, please contact IAC at voice@certifiedcoach.org.

© 2004, International Association of Coaching
Interested In advertising
in the Voice?

The IAC Voice accepts advertising from coaches,
coaching organizations and those providing services to the coaching industry.
What better way to advertise your business to over 6,000 members of the
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