IAC VOICE, Vol 1, Num 7, August 18, 2004

18, 2004, Vol 1, Num 7
to our 6,808 members

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Message from the President

Barbara Mark, PhD

President, International Association of Coaching

International Association of
Coaches Announces the Availability of Step 2

Coaching is an act of love. That’s what I think. It is an
act of humanism, of deep caring, of deep respect. It is an act of
dignity and of honoring dignity in ourselves and in each other.
The 15 Proficiencies embody the foundation of coaching.

It is with great excitement that I share with
you that Step 2 of the IAC certification is now available!

Your Board of Governors is proud of its effort
to live up to the intentions of our founder, Thomas Leonard. We
have created a method of certification that evaluates coaches on
their masterful use of The 15 Proficiencies in live coaching. Thomas
made many promises during his short lifetime, and we are sad that
he did not live to fulfill them all. We have done our best to honor
as many of Thomas' promises as we could. Thomas himself was at least
six months behind schedule in his promise to begin Step One of the
certifying process to become an IAC Certified Coach.

We launched Step 1 on June 5, 2003,
and to do so required thousands of volunteer hours. It also cost
over $12,000.00 and coupled with the ongoing monthly expenses of
certification, maintaining the IAC website and other official business,
the board has concluded that it is not practical for us to keep
Thomas' promise of offering the entire IAC Certification process
at no charge. See more
at the website.

We are grateful for the generous contribution
of time, talent, experience, labor, and love that created Steps
1, 2, and 3. The membership of the IAC owes a perpetual debt of
gratitude to Donna Steinhorn, Julie Inman, Andrea Lee, Don Morris,
Shirley Anderson, Karen Van Cleve, Nina East, Barbra Sundquist,
Sali Taylor, Michael "Coop" Cooper, Anna Dargitz, Susan
Austin, Dave Buck, and the other volunteers members who were part
of the beta testing. (I hope we didn't forget anyone – if we did,
please let me know!)

I am proud to lead that team. Frankly, it's
been a very small team compared to the size of the membership we
serve and the vision we hold. We earnestly seek more players, people
with skills and vision and time and energy and a passion to move
coaching forward.

You can work on small short term projects
or sign up for our most adventurous and audacious goals. Contact
me personally at president@certifiedcoach.org.

We look forward to welcoming you as an IAC Certified
Coach. Now is YOUR time.

Thanks for your support of the IAC!


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Writers' Guidelines:

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  • The Voice reserves the right to
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  • The Voice also reserves the right
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