IAC VOICE, Volume 1, Number 10, December 9, 2004

1, Number 10, December 9, 2004
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What is There: A Message from the IAC President


People to Themselves – Coach Spotlight on Nina East


Supportive Environments – Coaching Wisdom


in on What's Most Important – Letter's to the Editor

Clients Immensely – Anecdotes and Funny Stories


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Mark PhD

Contributing Editor

What is There

Message from
Barbara Mark PhD
President, International Association of Coaching


am happy to announce that the International Association of Coaching and
Coachville have signed an agreement regarding the use of the 15
Proficiencies. This is a process that has been ongoing for several
months and it is an important step in the evolution of the IAC. A clear
and clean agreement with Coachville allows the IAC to stand as an
independent organization providing a certification program based on
demonstrated mastery of the essential skills and ethical standards of
coaching. The IAC will continue to evolve the highest standards of
coaching and offer a path of certification that will honor individual
ability and integrity.

Thanks to all of you for your support of the IAC!


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 Revealing People to Themselves

Spotlight on…

Nina East, Inc.

How did you discover coaching?
I first heard of coaching almost 15 years ago when I was a college
faculty member and dean of students. We spoke of our role with college
students as one of being a coach – offering guidance, helping bring out
the best in the student, empowering the student to expand their
possibilities and take productive action.

the time we were using the term to describe what we did. We weren't
aware of an emerging profession. Then, when I worked with Tony Robbins,
I learned more about the formal aspects of coaching and coaching as a

What personal growth work did you do to help you become successful as a coach?

I have to admit it; I am a personal growth junkie. You name it, I've
probably done it or I've at least read the book! I find that everything
I do adds to how I serve my clients. I continue to participate in as
many group and individual personal growth experiences as possible.

of the early experiences that influenced me were volunteering at the
local Women's Center, my graduate training in counseling psychology,
and training in neuro-linguistic programming and neuro-associative

What coach training have you had?
Truthfully, I have not been "formally" trained in a coach training
program. It might be more accurate to say I "evolved" into a coach
through all the different personal development programs, business
courses and leadership trainings I have completed. Because of my own
ecclectic background and success as a coach, I was asked to help design
the curriculum at CoachVille some time ago, and since then have
designed and led coach training courses in several other training

Who has coached you?
I have worked with several different coaches, and find that I am
usually working with more than one at a time. Currently I am coaching
with Terri Levine (www.terrilevine.com) and Richard Reardon (www.richardreardon.com). In the past I have been coached by Deben Tobias, Ramon Williamson and Dave Buck.

Do you have a coaching specialty/niche?
I think of my coaching business as being like a filing cabinet with
distinct drawers, which are markets. Within those drawers are file
folders, which are programs and concept areas. Within those folder are
specific pages, which are tools, resources and specific activities.

The primary niches I work with currently are: coaches who want to work
with a master mentor coach; psychotherapists who are burned out and
looking to reinvent themselves; micro (very small) business owners; and
people in direct sales.

What is the most rewarding aspect of coaching for you?
Knowing that what I get to do with people has an impact far beyond what
I can see or imagine. For each epiphany someone has, or each minor
shift, a whole series of impacts are put in motion. It's a thrill every
time I hear the wheels turning inside a client's head. I know something
big is about to happen for them and that it will mean big differences
for everyone who comes in contact with them.

for the full article click

 Designing Supportive Environments

New Project Announcement: Coaching Wisdom

had such a tremendous response to our booklet "1,001 Things Coaches are
Grateful for…" that we have decided to create an entire series of
booklets titled Coaching Wisdom, all of which will be available to IAC
members and all of the content will be contributed by coaches. The
first booklet in the series will be Coaching Wisdom: Thriving During the Holidays.

If you have ideas for managing stress, planning for a memorable holiday
season, creating special memories, setting a hoiday budget, creating
New Years resolutions, or questions you ask your clients during this
time of year, we'd like them for this booklet project.

submissions are subject to editing by our volunteer staff. To submit
your ideas, short articles, quotes, questions, or other information,
please send one item per submission via email to: holidaywisdom@certifiedcoach.org
by December 20, 2004. With each submission, we will print your name,
email address and one website URL (all information must be provided
with each submission for inclusion in the booklet).

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In on What's Most Important

to the Editor

note that Marshall Goldsmith effectively dodged every one of your
questions as to coaching training and you let him get away with it!
Apparently (from his answers) he has no specific coaching training at

today he joins many other national leaders calling themselves coaches
and charging large amounts of money for "coach training" programs which
truly have no coach training at all (Martin Seligman – Authentic
Happiness Coaching Program, which teaches tools that can be used by any
therapist, psychologist, dentist, or person and, by the way, coaches,
who must get coaching training elsewhere) or for coaching by people
with no formal coach training (Neal Michaelson and his VIA Strengths
"coaches" who are psychology MA's and who are being "trained" by
Michaelson's program which has a sports coach doing the training!). I
find this alarming. And I find it even MORE alarming that you are
highlighting one of them in your newsletter about coaches!

Do I find these people and their programs valuable? Certainly.

am a graduate of Seligman's Authentic Happiness Coaching Program and
loved it. However, there was NO coach training involved and the issue
was not addressed; therefore, many of the therapists, psychologists and
others who take the course may well now regard themselves as trained
coaches. And my evaluation of the VIA Strengths coaching now offered by
Neal Michaelson is based upon e-mails I exchanged with him. From his
responses, Marshall Goldsmith is obviously a psychologist specializing
in Organizational Behavior, not a coach. And when he asked you who had
coached him, he replied with a list of people who had "helped" him, not
"coached" him. From his responses I conclude that he has not been
trained in coaching or actually trained as a coach. Now, I have no
problem with that. I am sure that he does a great job of "helping" out
businesses! However, I do have a problem with him calling himself a
coach just because it "sells well" today. (And I think he might object
if I, a coach, just started calling myself a psychologist!)

is going on in the field of what people are calling coaching today
reminds me of what was happening with chiropractic when I first moved
to Louisiana 30 years ago. Physicians stated loudly and publicly that
chiropractors did not have enough training to work on the body, and
they tried to annex chiropractic as a part of their physician
practices. Fortunately, they failed.

do not have such high hopes for coaching, especially if the major
organizations in the field (like the IAC) do not hold to the original
definition. At this point in time, from the responses I have gotten to
the questions I have raised, it appears to me that we original coaches
will eventually be subsumed in the Life Coaching field by therapists
and in the Business Coaching field by organizational psychologists.

a member of the IAC I really expected it to have a clearer
understanding of and vision for the whole coaching profession – and to
stand up for those values!

Disappointedly yours,

Jann Snyder

Note: I was hoping our new article series would generate dialog such as
this started by Jann Snyder. Please share your comments about Jann's
message above or any of our other articles with me at editor@certifiedcoach.org. The IAC reserves the right to publish any message sent to this address and may edit content for publication. Thank you!

 Enjoying Clients Immensely

Announcing a New Series

we expand the Voice to better serve the coaching profession, we will be
adding new sections that highlight our work as coaches and the
successes of our clients. We're collecting anecdotes and funny stories for this series. If you would like to submit content for this series, please send via email to enjoyingclients@certifiedcoach.org.
Please remember to protect your clients' anonymity and include your
name, email address and website address for attribution. Thanks!

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