IAC VOICE, Volume 2, Number 1, January 17, 2005

2, Number 1, January 19, 2005
to our 7,697 members

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Sharing What is There – A Message from the IAC President

  Designing Supportive Environments – No-Cost Resource for Our Members from a Member

Revealing People to Themselves – Coach Spotlight on Andrea J. Lee


Eliciting Greatness – Professional Ethics Review Committee Working for Members


Honing in on What’s Most Important – Letters to the Editor


Editorial Board

Michael “Coop” Cooper
Acting Editor
Paragon Strategies

Ruth Ann Harnisch
Contributing Editor

Mark PhD

Contributing Editor


What is There

Message from
Mark PhD

President, International Association of Coaching


Happy New Year!

are excited about the upcoming year at the IAC. The organization is
growing with your support. We are polishing the newsletter and the
website. We now have several IAC Certified Coaches – congratulations to
you! Everyone who’s already earned IAC Certification will tell you the
same thing: just go ahead and try! Every one of them will tell you that
he or she had to overcome some obstacle in order to pass the online
test and to allow certifiers to hear them coach. And they agree – just
do it! Don’t be afraid to fail, because some really wonderful coaches
didn’t pass the first time they tried. They generally agree that they
learned something important about themselves and their coaching on the
road to eventual certification.

I am simply delighted to see
the passionate debate that you are engaging in about the coaching
profession! (ed. note: see Letters to the
below) This spirited exchange of beautifully articulated
ideas addresses some of the most challenging issues that the
IAC Board of Governors struggles with regularly. Your generous
contributions mean a great deal to the future of the IAC –
thanks so much for your willingness to share your thoughts.
As Margaret Wheatley says, “Conversation is the way
people think together.”

I would also like to invite you to submit articles for publication in the Voice. We have
enormous resources in our members. Thanks for being there!


Supportive Environments

No-Cost Resource for Our Members from a Member

Up to 500 coaches will receive the equivalent of 500 dollars.

(Yes, that’s a quarter of a million dollars.)

People are calling it a great big “booster shot of generosity”
for the coaching industry.

It’s a 3-Day Conference on “Multiple Streams in Action” and you are
personally invited.

Visit www.ACoachingEvent.com
for more information. Change is in the air

IAC Voice plans to feature a no-cost resource for our members in every
issue. This resource was contributed by Andrea J. Lee and is valued at
$500. There is no relationship between offering a no-cost resource and
being feautred in this publication. If you would like to submit a
no-cost resource for consideration in future issues, please email voice@certifiedcoach.org.


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What Every Coach Needs to Know!
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you can take a lot of pride in your willingness to be on the forefront
and in the superior quality of your coaching. There are special people
who go out on the skinny branches, not because they are foolhardy, but
because they have enormous courage and vision. You are one of those!”
Shirley Anderson, MS, MCC, IAC-CC, www.coachmiami.com
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People to Themselves

Spotlight on…

J. Lee

Multiple Streams of Coaching Income



How did you discover coaching?
After working in executive recruitment and running my own recruitment
firm in Calgary, I finally got disillusioned after sending yet another
quality person to a company that treated them less than well. Feeling
ineffective, I decided to take a sabbatical and either regain focus or
do something new. Surfing the Internet, I discoverd the Coaching Scoop,
and Thomas Leonard’s website with its photos of a cute white dog and a
very tanned man. At the bottom of the site were two words: “Say Hello.”
Don’t ask me why, but I did. From there, I decided to volunteer as a
transcriptionist for the Scoop, figuring I’d learn what “this coaching
thang” was all about while lending a hand.

a few months, I was offered the opportunity to help out ‘on the
payroll’ and then a couple more months later, I woke up in a daze and
discovered I was now General Manager of CoachVille. I guess you could
say it was a whirlwind romance.

What personal growth work did you do to help you become successful as a coach?
I still consider myself on the path of personal development, and defy
any coach to disagree. My mental and emotional conditioning is
something that I treat even better than my physical fitness
sometimes…I work out every day on the former, but not the latter! In
particular this year I’ve worked on my resilience quotient, or what I
call ‘courage under fire,’ as well as cultivating laughter. I heard a
story once about something called “Rule #6” which is “Quit taking
yourself so !@#$ing seriously.” This may sound corny but laughter, to
me, is the sound of love. So I work on that quite a bit.

What coach training have you had?
I’m a student in Schools of Coaching, or Schools of CoachVille, as
they’re now called. In particular, I’ve focussed on skills and
aptitudes in the School of Personal Development, the School of Small
Business and the School of Ecommerce, and I work with several mentor
coaches to go deeper in each of these areas in a one-on-one and small
group environment. Having had so many great mentors, I think I’ve been
spoiled for other kinds of learning environments!

Who has coached you?
you may have guessed, my first coach was Thomas Leonard, which was a
lot of fun some days and quite uncomfortable on others. One of my
favorite moments was when he said, in an Instant Message conversation,
“You seem like you have a Governor on.” To which I had to say “What’s a
Governor?” Turns out it’s a thing that is installed on school buses
that prevents the driver from driving faster than a certain preset
speed. So I guess rephrasing the question, it’s something like “Why are
you limiting your own success?” It was a great eye opener.

For the full article click


Professional Ethics Review Committee Working for Members

Professional Ethics Review Committee (PERC) has been working diligently
on a number of initiatives in response to recognized member needs. At
the top of that list is Chairperson Michael Sanders’ commitment to
develop an introductory package for new IAC members that, once
completed, will also be shared with all current members. The intent of
this package is to introduce members to PERC, to outline IAC’s Code of
Ethics, and to offer suggestions as to how members might draw on the
PERC’s resources to support and enhance their individual practices.

Given that the mandate of PERC is to perpetuate the IAC’s high and
specific ethical standards throughout the coaching profession, Debbie
Lawrence, PERC’s Director, has been developing Code of Ethics related
materials to be made available next spring. One example is a
Professional Ethics and Client Confidentiality document that coaches
will be encouraged to share and review with their clients. The idea for
this document came from questions and feedback PERC received regarding
how best to broach issues of trust, professional conduct and the
protection of personal information provided to coaches by their

committee is also looking to fill some positions with member coaches
who may be interested in contributing to this very important division
of the IAC. If you’re that person or if you would like to learn more
about what such a role would entail, we’d love to hear from you. You
can contact Debbie at PERCDirector@CertifiedCoach.org.

as always, PERC is here if you have any questions, concerns, or ideas
you’d like to share. For more details or to just “Ask PERC”, visit us
at www.certifiedcoach.org or www.coachingcomplaints.org. The PERC is waiting to hear from you!

you like to help your clients quickly and reliably identify their
motivations and their aversions in their work and life?

If you answered, Yes,
then we invite you to consider the MAPP On-Line Career Assessment. The
system is straight-forward and easy-to-use. Plus, results are on-line
for both coach and client.

If you’re unsure, we invite each IAC member to experience the MAPP Executive Level Assessment for themselves – for f^ree! You can get this 30+ page analysis of your personal, vocational and educational motivations by going to http://www.assessment.com/iac,
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f^r^e^e trial! You will need your IAC MEMBER ID NUMBER to take the

support is offered through teleclasses, hosted by renowned coaches
Karen Whitworth and Al Reams. You learn how to navigate the MAPP
website and experience a live demonstration of how to use the MAPP
results in an actual coaching situation. To register for the MAPP
Teletraining classes, go to www.Assessment.com/CoachEnrollment and sign up for the course you wish to attend. Teletraining classes take one hour, and are F^R^E^E to IAC Members.

MAPP Tip Of The Month:
Over 2.5 million MAPP members are the basis for the reliability and validity data available on-line at www.assessment.com/iac.

In on What’s Most Important

to the Editor

I agree with
Jann’s letter

and thought the same thing when I read the interview. I really wondered
why he had been featured,even though I know he has helped many people.
He pretty much blew off the idea of coaching as a field where people
are trained.

Meggin McIntosh, Ph.D.
Emphasis on Excellence, Inc.

International Association of Coaching
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