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From the Editor

a grinning magician unveiling the rabbit in the hat, I really enjoy
revealing to you the progress that is ever-continuing at the IAC every
month. This time, we have a major announcement regarding our coach certification process.
And next month, well, you'll have to wait and see! For now I can just
tell you that there is a lot going on behind the scenes that is
continually building the IAC's foundation as a highly relevant,
sustainable and progressive coaching organization.

Our President Natalie writes about the
huge contributions of Sali Taylor, who is leaving the IAC Certification Board to pursue other interests.

If you're looking for new ways to help your clients build their self-awareness, please take a look at the
CORE MAP assessment, a new member benefit, and get your free sample.

very pleased to have a longer article this month (for members only)
from Julia Stewart who shares her most effective strategies for passing
the IAC certification process and becoming a brilliant coach.

Coaching Moments,
Janice reminds us of some of the emotional ups and downs that many of
us feel as we try to balance all the important things in our lives.

I hope you enjoy this issue and the beautiful month of June.


Angela Spaxman

Web: www.spaxman.com.hk 


from the President

by Natalie
Tucker Miller, IAC-CC


"Just because everything is different doesn't mean that everything has changed."

quote from the often humorous, always pertinent Irene Peter, is fitting
for the news we bring our members and subscribers this month.

Taylor, who has served the IAC for many years, wearing many different
hats, has made the decision to move on from the certification board to
the next exciting phase of her personal and professional life. Sali was
one of the first coaches to pass all components of the IAC certified
coach exam, then to be invited to join the certification board. I had
the honor and pleasure to know and work with Sali in those days, and
owe much of my own coaching prowess to her generous gifts of time and
sharing of her knowledge and expertise. Her study group which invited
participants who had passed part one of the IAC online exam to learn
the skills necessary to pass part two, served several coaches who now
count themselves among the IAC-CC's.

dedication to the IAC has helped with the continuity and stability of
the organization which, early on, found itself faced with some
paramount challenges. The hours she has contributed in order to fulfill
the IAC's mission and advance the coaching profession would be
impossible to document. In addition to lending a hand wherever needed
in those early days, she was the catalytic energy that advanced the
creation of The Coaching Masteries™. Those of you fortunate enough to
know Sali personally, understand the incredible integrity and
refreshing honesty she brings to all areas of her work and her life.
She leaves a legacy of masterful coaching standards from which many
will benefit for years to come.

is a huge proponent of study groups, virtual coaching buddies and
triads (where three coaches take turn being the coach, client and
observer), and in her honor I'd like to invite those coaches interested
in independently learning via these means to begin a COG (Community Outreach Group). Contact
Tara Rodden Robinson for the details on how you can create and grow a virtual community to advance coaching skills.

Just because things are different at the IAC, doesn't mean that everything has changed.


Keep your eyes opened for information about the IAC's first
annual Virtual Symposium, the week February 10th, 2008. Put
it on your calendar!

What's New in the IAC's Coach Certification System?

by Barbra
Sundquist, IAC-CC

IAC Certifying Team
is excited to announce that as of July 1, 2007 we will be using the IAC
Coaching Masteries™ to evaluate certification submissions (and for the
balance of 2007 you can still elect to be evaluated using the 15
Proficiencies – more about that below).

To bring you up to date…

the draft Coaching Masteries™ were released in January 2007, the
Certifying Team began doing "dual" scoring. This means that we scored
tapes twice – first against the 15 Proficiencies, and then against the
Coaching Masteries™. The score that applicants received was the 15
Proficiencies score (because the Coaching Masteries™ were not yet the
official scoring system).

Why have we been doing dual scoring?

the past six months we've been doing dual scoring to compare the scores
received under the "old system" (the 15 Proficiencies) with scores
received under the "new system" (the Coaching Masteries™ ). We wanted
to determine if there were any problems with the application of the
Coaching Masteries™ and if the scores obtained under the two systems
would differ significantly in any way.

What did we discover while using the Coaching Masteries™?

certifiers found that they could score quite easily using the draft
Coaching Masteries™. Each of the nine Masteries has a full page
description that gives specific indicators of the behaviors and results
that would occur when the Mastery is used at a masterful level. We used
the same 1 – 5 point scale as we have been using with the 15
Proficiencies, with 5 points indicating "highly effective" use of the

speaking, the scores between the Coaching Masteries™ and the 15
Proficiencies were consistent to within a few percentage points.
Although we weren't necessarily aiming to have consistency between the
two scoring systems, the results do underscore our belief that "great
coaching is great coaching", no matter what scoring system is used.

said that, we did notice a few places where there is some variability
based on scoring of specific masteries vs. specific proficiencies. For
example, in the Coaching Masteries™ there is a greater emphasis on
appropriate use of silence than in the 15 Proficiencies. So a coach who
has a problem with silence may only see that reflected to a minor
degree in their 15 Proficiency scoring, whereas it would "score them
down" more heavily under the Coaching Masteries™ . On the other hand,
under the 15 Proficiencies there is a specific Proficiency that
measures "navigating via curiosity". An applicant could blow an entire
Proficiency (and many do!) by failing to demonstrate a curious
attitude. In contrast, while the Coaching Masteries™ do measure
curiosity, it is just part of one Mastery and does not have as great an
effect on the applicant's overall results.

We did make some recommendations for changes

the past six months while the certifiers were doing dual scoring, we
noticed some areas of the Masteries that needed tweaking. For instance,
there were some behaviors that were duplicated in two or more
Masteries. The problem with that is that it tends to "double-credit" or
"double-penalize" an applicant. We wanted to avoid that.

certifiers spent many hours testing and discussing these types of
application issues and made recommendations to the IAC Board for
changes in wording (most of the recommendations were minor wording
changes). We're happy to report that the Board has accepted and
endorsed all of our recommendations.

We're now ready to do "real" scoring using the Coaching Masteries™

Starting July 1, 2007 the Coaching Masteries™ will be the official IAC
scoring instrument. That means that unless you specify otherwise, your
tapes will be evaluated using the Coaching Masteries™. You do have the
option of being evaluated under the 15 Proficiencies until the end of
2007. If you want us to use the 15 Proficiencies in scoring your tapes,
you must specify that in writing at the time of your application.

And since I know someone will ask… no, you can't have your tapes scored under both systems and then pick the highest marks!

All members have access to the same
descriptions of the Masteries
that the certifiers use. As a result, we feel that it will be easier
for applicants to choose which of their tapes to submit for

Best of luck to everyone!


the author: Barbra Sundquist is an IAC Certifier and Certified Mentor
Coach who enjoys demystifying the whole certification process! To
pre-register for Barbra's brand new 11-CD IAC Masteries self-study
program, please go to www.BecomeACertifiedCoach.com.


Masteries Teleconferences

Please mark you calendars for our upcoming teleconferences.
IAC Board Members will be hosting the calls with the IAC
Certifiers to answer all your questions on the Masteries
development and implementation, and to hear your feedback
about everything related to the Masteries and the IAC.
Please join us on Thursday, July 19th, 9pm ET and Tuesday,
July 24th 1pm ET. We will announce the telephone numbers in
the July VOICE. 

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Open Up New Worlds for People (and Yourself)

by Julia
Stewart, IAC-CC

makes a coaching session absolutely brilliant? That's a question that
every great coach plays with throughout their career. The creators of
the IAC certified coach process have analyzed it to the nth degree in
order to define the standards needed for true coaching mastery.

coaching seems ineffable and yet, can trigger profound change in the
world. What if this level of coaching was available to everyone? That's
what inspired the late Thomas J. Leonard, who many credit with founding
this profession, to raise the bar on coaching standards by actually
defining them with the 15 Certified Coach Proficiencies and by founding
the IAC together with its certified coach process.

gift in IAC Certification is not in the initials after your name but in
the learning, inspiration, mastery and success that all come as
byproducts of preparing for the IAC exams. I bet you didn't get all
that in Mrs. Smith's Algebra class!

been lucky enough to have a ringside seat as hundreds of coaches have
tried out for the IAC certification process. Since 2002, I've been
neck-deep in the Proficiencies as a student, coach, and mentor; also,
as a trainer and certifier for Coachville, the largest coach-training
company in the world. I've come to know what works and what doesn't
while watching coaches muster their own greatness and step up to a
higher quality of coaching.

learning, inspiration, mastery and success matter to you (as I suspect
they do), then I want to share with you some of the most effective
strategies for passing the IAC certification process. These are not
shallow "fix-its," but steps in the process of becoming a brilliant
coach. My hat is off to you for taking the challenge!

What will it take for you to become a Certified Coach?





Stewart, IAC-CC, is President of the School of Coaching Mastery, a
"boutique" training program that puts coaches on track for IAC
certification. She is also co-founder of the Association for Coaching
Excellence, dedicated to the premise that great coaching has the power
to create solutions worldwide. www.yourlifepart2.com Email:
coach@yourlifepart2.com  Tel: 718-408-9188.


"Coaching Moments" takes a
thoughtful, and sometimes lighthearted, look at how coaching
can be interwoven into our daily lives. 

Missing the Boat
by Janice Hunter

The power of words never
fails to thrill and stun me. I started reading a paperback last night
and finished it off this morning as a break from working on half a
dozen coaching projects; by the end, I was sobbing into balls of sodden
tissues, my throat aching, my eyes stinging as I sniffed back and
swallowed tears.

If I'd read the blurb
more carefully, I would have got to the bit where it was described as a
'tearjerker'. I usually avoid anything labelled 'heart-rending',
'harrowing' or a 'tearjerker'. Because of my age, I'm already at the
mercy of the mood swings my young son calls 'horrormoans' – weeping one
minute at anything that involves bereft parents then snapping
murderously at my kids the next.

Tiredness doesn't help,
but it's my own fault I ended up in bed today, an exhausted, frazzled,
biscuit-eating mess – like a small child who's had too much excitement
all at once and can't cope.

I committed a real
coaching sin after I passed Step 2 of IAC certification; I didn't give
myself time to bask in the glow of passing before I moved on to a
flurry of activity and exciting new projects that answered the question
"So what next?". I'd hooked up so many of my Big Picture dreams to
becoming certified that suddenly I found myself working from morning
till midnight, desperate not to see the energy and momentum dissipate.

The coaching world often
leaves me with a sense of anxiety, feeling like I'm about to miss the
boat without even knowing what the boat is. But now I have the feeling
that if I don't act soon to create multiple income streams based on
what I can offer as a certified coach then somehow my training and
IAC-CC designation will simply evaporate.

I love coaching
one-to-one as well as coachwriting, but I often feel like I'm treading
water, trying to keep up with business trends, networking, marketing
strategies, web building techniques, blogging and multiple streams of
income simply to stay afloat. Hard work doesn't scare me and I truly
believe that marketing can be approached as a form of coaching; I also
believe that we attract what we need if we believe in ourselves and in
our products but sometimes the ratio of coaching related work to actual
coaching just feels overwhelming.

So too are the paradoxes
– passions pulling me apart like dogs yanking on a choke leash till I
can barely breathe: wanting to contribute to the family income but
spending less time with my family and being less present than ever
before; working at home to follow the principles of 'right livelihood'
yet becoming more of a mediocre marketer than a masterful coach; loving
my homelife coaching yet shelving my own creative projects and
clutter-clearing to find clients I can help with theirs.

Getting the balance back
and dovetailing my goals would be smart, I know, but another symptom of
being out of whack with myself and permanently attached to a computer
is the dialogue my ego has with my Wise Best Self: "I hear you, WBS,
but I'll get back to loving the details just as soon as I finish
reading this email about reducing the time I spend reading emails."

The main character in
the book I read worked so hard at building a business to provide for
her children, using innate skills discovered through tragedy, that she
missed sharing the wonder of their childhood with them and never fully
appreciated her husband till it was too late to tell him.

Maybe it's OK to miss the boat if it's the wrong boat.

Hunter is a writer, teacher and IAC certified coach who
currently specialises in homelife coaching – helping people
create authentic, spirit filled lives and homes they love –
and in supporting coaches on their certification journeys.
She lives in Scotland with her husband and two children.

Janice@LovingtheDetails.com, www.LovingtheDetails.com

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