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From the Editor

New faces, new resources. At the
IAC we put a lot of energy into this organization as a contribution towards
creating the world of coaching that we want. And so it’s very encouraging to receive your feedback and
especially your offers to volunteer. This month you’ll notice some new
faces, and there will be more to come.

First of all, I’m very pleased to welcome Pat Beck to the editorial team.
Pat is a member of the IAC’s Phoenix Chapter and she coaches individuals
to achieve both personal and professional goals through her company
. Pat is very keen to support
us through writing and interviewing for the VOICE.

In this issue, Pat interviews
one of our newest Board members, Des Walsh. Des
brings a different perspective to the organization from sunny Australia.

President Natalie reports on the progress we are making in our
support for
masterful coaching

We have a quick round-up of the
IAC Chapters that are emerging worldwide, and
some encouraging words from Kristi Arndt, one of our
certified members. 

Dave Blanchard of Six Advisors expresses an indispensable concept in coaching
on Choice and Accountability.

As Coaching Moments is having a break this month, we have a
poem from one of
our certified members, Bob Tschannen-Moran.

What would you like to contribute to our cause of advancing coaching? The choice
is yours.


Angela Spaxman
Email: voice@certifiedcoach.org


from the President

by Natalie
Tucker Miller


Coaching happens.

Good coaching helps make things happen.

Masterful coaching creates the possibility for anything to happen.

is the level of coaching the IAC certification applicants aspire to when working
with their clients. Thomas Leonard knew that in order for our profession to
be sustainable, it had to produce sustainable results. The way to sustainable
coaching results is through the collaboration of masterful coaches and their clients.
When you begin to embody the effective behaviors and look for the measures outlined
in the Masteries
, you are on your way to understanding how and why masterful coaching
accomplishes this.

The IAC certifying examiners are committed to supporting the members to this
level of coaching. 
The certification team had planned to present the Observer’s Guide this
month; however, they have since determined a greater value would be discussing
the Masteries individually in article format which will appear in the monthly editions
of the Voice. This new approach is underway and we will keep you posted on progress.
In the meantime, get very familiar with the Masteries
, which is a treasure trove of coaching information in and of itself!

Another way we support masterful coaching is through IAC local chapters.
Chapter members meet to jointly raise their understanding of the IAC Masteries,
to practice coaching, to prepare for IAC Certification, and for all kinds of
mutual support activities. Kerri Laryea has been hosting the Phoenix chapter for
several months now and supporting the formation of new Chapters, details

To get the most from your IAC membership, you can join an existing chapter, or
consider hosting one in your community.

coaching with buddies can also help grow your coaching skills. Last month we
announced the new feature in the directory where members can list themselves
as buddies. Please be sure to have contact info available in your profile
if you choose this option, so coaches can get in touch with you!

we are not a training organization, we are continually seeking ways to support
our members to a masterful level of coaching. If you'd like to be part of this
mission, consider volunteering
on the many committees eager for your input!


A Conversation With Des…

by Pat Beck

I recently spoke with IAC board member Des Walsh as he enjoyed a beautiful
fall morning on the Gold Coast of Australia. Des, a lively conversationalist
with a contagious enthusiasm and passion for life, spoke at length with me
about his bright vision of coaching and its importance.

The key event that led to his
career transition from business training and consulting to coaching was a simple exercise. When he was asked in a workshop
to envision the epitaph on his own (future!) tombstone, he most decidedly did
not like what he saw! “Here lies a man who wrote interesting reports that
were never read or never acted upon”.

Not content for a moment to settle for such a boring eternal memorial statement,
Des looked for a new calling and direction in life and found in coaching a way
to refine and refocus his own professional goals. The decisive event in that
transition was a workshop conducted in Sydney by Thomas Leonard.

For Des, coaching is a highly rewarding profession that encourages his own
growth. “I attract clients who are demanding and challenging,” he
laughs, “I like the challenge; it keeps me on my toes!” He is, he
states emphatically, “a lifer at coaching!”

Des says his clients are
successful individuals who have achieved a great deal in their
professional lives. His practice focuses on small business owners and
entrepreneurs, encouraging and mentoring their further growth and
personal development. Most are in the age range 35 – 55. What focuses
his energies as a coach is the Coachville proficiency of eliciting

Des refers to himself as a blogging evangelist. He believes fervently in multimedia
and the need for professionals to be conversant and comfortable in the online
world, and has even explored the virtual world of Second Life on their behalf.
He mentors his clients in becoming knowledgeable in what he calls the “social
media world”.

“I help my clients understand how such things as Facebook can help their
business,” he says. “It is part of the changing professional landscape.”
This knowledge is critical in a global climate in which business is now routinely
conducted through virtual home based offices that just as routinely cross international
cultural boundaries.

Des has seen a positive change in the last several years in the way in which
businesses perceive coaching. “Coaching has gone from where business contacts
were dismissive of it to coaching being respectable.”

He sees great growth in the field of coaching and feels that there really can’t
be too many coaches. It is better than coaches come from all walks off life
so as to better relate to clients. Variety in the type of individuals coaching
makes coaching accessible for a greater range of humanity. This can only be
a good thing in Des’s estimation. The best thing coaches can do, Des feels,
“is to have meaning in their own lives” before they deal with clients’
most profound thoughts and emotions.

When I asked Des what drew him to IAC, he responded immediately that it was
the vision of providing a means of certification for a wide range of people
in different contexts and with varied life experiences.

Another meaningful aspect of IAC for Des is being able to be a part of connecting
coaches across countries and cultures. Coaches are positioned to guide people
into work/life balance. Des stresses that “work/balance is not a destination
but a process.”


Coach, author, speaker and blog evangelist Des Walsh is uniquely qualified
to be at the forefront of IAC. With timeless warmth, enthusiasm and love of
humanity, Des is an inspiration to all of us in field of coaching. Visit Des
at his website: www.deswalsh.com


IAC Local Chapters

The IAC Chapters are beginning to spring up around the world! The first IAC
Pilot Chapter launched in Phoenix, Arizona in March of this year, and less than
a year later, it's my pleasure to announce these new Chapter launches:

Hong Kong Chapter
President: Bonnie Chan, IAC-CC
Phone Number: (852) 9023 2392
Email: bonnie@coachlite.com
Meeting Information: The next meeting is on Oct 9 and will be a dialogue about
what masterful coaching is. For info on future meetings, link to:

St. Louis Metro Area Chapter, St. Louis, MO, USA
President: Julia Stewart, IAC-CC
Phone number: 314-779-3586
Email: info@schoolofcoachingmastery.com
Meeting Information: Contact Julia Stewart for more information or link
to: http://iacstl.blogspot.com/

Spain Chapter, meeting in Madrid and Barcelona
President: Robert Culpepper
Phone Number: 34 934 267 051
Email: IAC@tisoc.com
Meeting Information: Contact the president for more information or link
to: http://www.tisoc.com

Julia's St. Louis chapter had a great turnout of passionate, smart, supportive
coaches. The Hong Kong Chapter is working on translating the IAC Masteries into
Chinese. And Spain's chapter is taking the country by storm with two locations
booked and even overbooked for their first meetings!

If you are interested in starting a chapter in your area, please contact the
chapter coordinator, Kerri Laryea, via email at
kerri@thecoachingweb.com. You
must be a member to start a chapter.

A Member's Voice

Thomas Leonard asserted that coach certification should be based on demonstration
of proficiency (quality) rather than clocking hours (quantity). At a conference
in 2002, Thomas reemphasized this point, saying many of us were already great
coaches due to natural abilities or previous professional training and experience.
When he affirmed how much the world needed us, I knew he was talking to me.
For these reasons, I pursued my certification through IAC and strongly encourage
other coaches to support this incredible organization.

Kristi Arndt, PhD, IAC-CC



Choice and Accountability

by David
Blanchard, President, 6 Advisors, Inc.

The highest level of maturity is to be real, genuine and authentic without
a need to impress, pretend, feel ashamed, or fear. Inherent in this definition
is a person’s willingness to take full and complete responsibility for
his or her thoughts and resultant actions. This person is free to stretch, make
mistakes and grow. When people abdicate this responsibility by placing blame
for their thoughts and actions on someone or something else, they can become
powerless victims of circumstance.

Those who take full and complete responsibility for their thoughts and actions
discover one of the greatest secrets of success: “The only thing we can
control in this life is our thoughts.” These people give up the senseless
and futile attempt to control situations and people. Instead they focus their
energy on controlling what can be controlled – their thoughts.

As a result, they are transparent to the need to impress, pretend, feel ashamed,
and fear. They are confident, comfortable in their own skin, capable of addressing
serious issues and situations on a moment’s notice – ready to serve others.
As masters of their thoughts, they have become the captains of their destiny
and they bless everyone around them. The choice is simple. Be a victim imprisoned
by circumstance or be a captain free to sail the wide oceans of life.

We are not our thoughts. These are just thoughts. We are metacognitive – beyond
thought. And if we are not our thoughts, who are we? We are the observer and
chooser of our thoughts. We have thoughts and these thoughts belong to us, but
that’s not who we are. Consider the captain and owner of a sailboat.
He can guide the boat and choose its direction. The boat is his, he is the caption,
but he is not the boat. He can step back and observe his boat even while it
is sailing and can make choices based upon his observations. He is in control
of where his boat will sail. So we, too, can become the captain of our thoughts.

Like the sea captain, YOU are the observer. You observe all at your command
(your thoughts) and then choose the actions you will take. Your task is to become
a master Observer/Chooser. This is the essence of true success. Success begins
with a conscious choice and choosing again and again and again in every moment
until you have shed your old skin and developed a new habit of being YOU.



Blanchard is the Chairman and CEO of The Og Group, Inc. and family of companies,
The Greatest Salesman, Inc. and 6 Advisors, Inc. He is the co-developer of the
6 Advisors Assessment Report™ and coaching curriculum. http://www.6Advisors.com




by Bob Tschannen-Moran (c) 2006

The gnawing preoccupation
That something might be wrong
That something has gone wrong
That something will go wrong
Does not inspire great change

Do this, or die
Lose this, or die
Gain this, or die
Achieve this, or die
Measure up to this, or die

The ultimatums of what must be done
And the babble of things gone wrong
Paint the case for change
On a canvas of
Failure, frustration, and fear

It takes courage to step away,

To let the noise die down,
And to listen for that still, small voice

Forever whispering
The message of life:

"Let there be nothing wrong now."
"Let there be nothing wrong."
"Let there be something right now."
"Let there be something right
With life!"

The whisper roars
And planets turn
Infants reach
And lovers embrace
For life

The canvas bursts with
Aspiration, hope, and change
As the voice
Forever speaking
Proclaims things good

Good enough to dream again
Of things that might yet be
Good enough to design again
A different destiny

Such is the mystery of change!

We welcome the conversation
And befriend the challenge
Becoming who we are
At our best

We trust in the future
With anticipation
Declaring what we see
On the quest

Bob Tschannen-Moran, IAC-CC, is the President of LifeTrek Coaching International
and a prolific and popular author who writes and edits LifeTrek Provisions,
a weekly electronic newsletter with 50,000 subscribers in 152 countries. After
graduating from Yale Divinity School in the late 1970s, and serving as a pastor
for 20 years, Bob went through Coach U and transitioned into full-time coaching
in the late 1990s. www.lifetrekcoaching.com 


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