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From the Editor

Welcome to the March 2012 issue of the IAC VOICE!

President Susan R. Meyer is ready for spring, and she gives plenty of reasons to look forward to what will be happening at the IAC – including an invitation to a special event on March 20, 2012. Please see below for the details. She has also enclosed a special invitation for you below.

Our featured member benefit provider in this issue is Lockton Affinity, and Assistant Vice President Kevin Johnson explains the difference between "claims-made" liability insurance and "occurrence" liability insurance, and why you should care.

Also, don't forget about your ReciproCoach member benefit of peer coaching, mentoring and supervision. There are more details below, or you can log into the members area to sign up now.

This month's Inside Scoop, Ask the Certifiers column answers the question, "In the last President's Message, it was mentioned that there is another level of certification. My recordings did not pass the first time I submit for certification. Will this new level be retroactive, and how will know if my sessions passed?" Click here to read Natalie's answer on the IAC blog.

In this month's Tools for Coaching Mastery column, IAC Licensee and Master Certified Coach (IAC) Aileen Gibb shares how the Question Compass tool can fuel your own growth as a coach, as well as being a force for change in your clients. Visit the VOICE blog to read Aileen's article.

In today's instalment of Research-Based Coaching Mastery, you'll read about a fascinating coaching study about adults with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD).

With last month's exploration of Mastery #9, Alison Davis has now completed her Living the Masteries series and will cease her monthly column for now. Thank you so much for your wonderful contributions, Alison! We look forward to more gifts from you in the future.

Our featured coaching article this month is from Alex Carter, who reveals the myth and reality of nonprofit work-life balance. You can read this article on the VOICE blog.

Kathy Mallary is back this month with more useful marketing guidance for coaches. She explains how our prospective clients are leaving a trail and gives us seven steps for how to find them. Read her business-building tips on the VOICE blog.

Submission guidelines for the VOICE are available on the website. Submissions are welcome anytime through the month.

Please contact me with your article ideas and your feedback about this issue. Enjoy!

Warm wishes,

Linda Dessau, CPCC
Editor, IAC® VOICE
Email: voice@certifiedcoach.org

P.S. Are you on Twitter? You can follow the IAC at http://twitter.com/IACCoachMastery. There is also a list of VOICE authors, columnists and IAC BOG members at http://twitter.com/lindadessau/iac-voice-contributors.

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From the President
by Susan R. Meyer, MCC (IAC)

Spring Forward

In my part of the world, spring is coming. I love the regenerative feeling that comes with spring and as Daylight Savings time approaches here it is also time to "spring forward." Even though the seasons may be different in your part of the world and you may not be setting your clock forward an hour, I invite all members of the IAC to spring forward with me.

What do I mean by spring forward? Expand. Stretch. Grow. Experiment. Try something new. Learn something new. What have you always wanted to add to your coaching practice? What do you want to learn that will move you along your personal pathway to coaching mastery?

Here are three things I'll be doing:

  1. Submitting my first IAC Learning Agreement
  2. Creating webinars and teleseminars for the IAC
  3. Sharing the message that it's the perfect time to be an active member of the IAC

As most of my coaching is with senior managers in municipal government, my work with them will be the focus of my learning agreement. I'd like to take a closer look at how the Masteries can inform good leadership and can be the core of an effective manager's approach. As I move forward with this, I'll share my learning agreement—and create a way for others to share theirs—and invite feedback.

We're a brilliant bunch. And it seems to me that our membership and the world at large isn't getting the opportunity to see this. To address this, starting in March the IAC will host monthly learning experiences. We'll begin with a live version of the Inside Scoop Ask the Certifiers column.

We'll follow this with a series of webinars on special topics or approaches that will help us all expand our toolkits and our thinking. Because our membership is worldwide, these will be available through an instant access platform. We'll be approaching our licensees and our Master Certified Coaches in the coming months to lead these sessions. Right now, I'm turning to you, our VOICE reader, for advice and suggestions. My passion is for developing emotional intelligence in leaders, but I realize that may be of no interest to you. What are your needs and concerns? What topics get you excited? Email me directly at president@certifiedcoach.org to tell me what you'd like to learn.

It’s also time to spring forward to grow the IAC. I want to get you all so excited that you can't wait to tell people why you're an IAC member. Then, I need you to go ahead and tell everyone you know. As you can see from everything I've shared with you today, I plan to give you plenty to talk about—now you just need to start talking!

With warm wishes for your success,
Susan R. Meyer


Susan R. Meyer, MCC (IAC) is President of Susan R. Meyer, Coaching and Consulting and of Life-Work Coach. She provides personal and executive coaching and facilitates seminars on topics including life planning, emotional intelligence, leadership development, communication, and coaching skills for managers. www.susanrmeyer.com.


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Special Invitation

We are delighted to announce our first Ask the Certifiers live call for 2012. It will be held on March 20, from 9:00-10:00 a.m. Eastern. Please click here to register for your own individual call-in number. Looking forward to hearing you!

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Know Your Insurance: "Claims-Made" versus "Occurrence"
by Kevin Johnson

Properly insuring yourself is an important part of being a responsible professional. However, it's often difficult to decide on the correct policy for you and your business. There are two main types of professional liability insurance, each offering different options: claims-made and occurrence.

Timing is the primary difference between the two policies: coverage is dependent on when the events related to the claim take place. With a claims-made policy, as long as you've had previous insurance coverage (and can prove it), your current policy it will cover the claim…even if the events leading to the claim occurred before your current policy was in force. Occurrence policies require that all the activities surrounding a claim—from the event to the initial claim itself—must happen while the insurance policy was in force.

How do you decide between the two? While it's impossible to advise about insurance policies without full knowledge your business, this is a good rule of thumb: if you've had continuous professional liability coverage, a claims-made policy will provide excellent coverage. If you are just starting out in business, or haven't had professional liability insurance in the past, an occurrence policy will meet your needs; however, should you change insurers, you will probably want to switch to a claims-made policy. Generally speaking, though, a claims-made policy offers the broadest coverage at the most affordable rates.

IAC Member Benefit: As an IAC member, you can get a quote, apply and receive coverage from the program in the comfort of your home or office. Just visit the IAC Member Benefit page for a special link and contact information. In just a few short minutes you can have the valuable coverage you need to protect yourself.

Kevin Johnson


Kevin Johnson is the Assistant Vice President of Lockton Affinity. No matter how cautious your approach to coaching, your career and financial stability are always on the line. Lockton Affinity's IAC-endorsed professional liability insurance program is specifically designed to protect its members from the ever-increasing risks of malpractice lawsuits. 



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Claim your IAC coaching, mentoring or supervision benefit

As part of your IAC membership, you’re entitled to receive coaching, mentoring or supervision. We’ve pre-purchased your entry into a reciprocal peer coaching, mentoring and supervision round by partnering with ReciproCoach.

Click here to redeem your IAC-ReciproCoach voucher today.

Be quick! The next round is starting soon!

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Research-Based Coaching Mastery

Coaching Adults with ADHD

Welcome to the second installment of Research-Based Coaching Mastery! With the seemingly mounting diagnoses of ADHD and 55% of childhood ADHD continuing into adulthood, a coach's ability to work with or rather specialize in ADHD coaching is becoming increasingly important.

The paper Efficacy of ADHD Coaching for Adults with ADHD by IAC member Joyce A. Kubik presents positive evidence for the impact of coaching on ADHD characteristics.

Members, click here to read more about this research paper and its applications for coaching mastery.

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New IAC Coaching Masteries® licensed schools and mentors

Alzaia Coaching School Milano  Italy No View Details

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