“Impact Is All About Making A Difference”

“Impact Is All About Making A Difference”by Krishna Kumar, IAC® President

When Ratan Tata the former head of Tata’s, the global conglomerate, was asked in a recent conversation about his legacy in a reply that was both succinct and elegant he said, “I hope to have made a difference. Nothing more, nothing less.”

What does it take to make a difference to the communities we live in and the world at large? When would we know if we had made an impact and to what extent?

As coaches we support our clients to resolve a variety of situations that range from the mundane to the profound and often our conversations touch on their aspirations, desires and dreams. How might we help them reach their goals?

All through September, I am delighted to share that many of our IAC® team have been invited Speakers at the annual webinar event, “Desafio Coaching 30 Days.”  Desafio Coaching is a hugely popular online coaching event that is widely attended by the Spanish speaking coaching community. This year the Speaker list from the IAC included Pepe del Rio, Jinny Wang, Shan Moorthy, Fernando Celis, Luis Gaviria and myself.

The event is the brainchild of Fernando Saenz Ford from Argentina, who is definitely making a difference to the coaching world. At the close of my presentation Fernando caught me off-guard when he asked, “What did I believe was my legacy to the IAC®?” 

Working in the IAC® is a lifetime opportunity that allows for everyone associated with us to make a difference in their own way. Humbled to be asked the question, my spontaneous reply was that “I hoped to have contributed towards the universality of coaching by moving the concept and practice across borders.”

Our founder, Thomas Leonard’s, vision was for the IAC® to lead the coaching world. I leave you with the question on how each of us might make an impact in our world of coaching and would welcome receiving your thoughts and ideas.

Please do connect with me at president@certifiedcoach.org .

With appreciation,

Krishna Kumar, IAC®President





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