Intentionality. Now there´s a big word. Intentionality.

Intentionality. Now there´s a big word. Intentionality
by Martha Pasternack, MMC

As I started to give the word intentionality thought I did what I always do and that is I look up the word in the dictionary. I really had fun with this because I had no idea the word has such broad implications. I found definitions from many points of view including philosophy, medicine, theology and education. The concept of intentionality has been defined and developed throughout history in a variety of ways.

 Defined by the Oxford English dictionary, intentionality is the act of being deliberate or purposive. Don’t worry. I had to look up purposive too. It essentially means being “on purpose” with full awareness of what one is doing.


IAC Mastery 7 is about “Helping the client set and keep clear intentions”. What does that mean exactly?

When coaching we use the word intention in terms of a mental space, for example, thoughts, desires and hopes that our clients might have. Those thoughts, desires, and hopes are directed with a desired outcome. A purpose.

 In IAC Mastery 7 we not only help our clients become clear about their desired outcome, but also support them to develop ways to remain focused on the desired outcome; those goals, dreams and desires.

 When the client creates an intention they are inspired, empowered and supported by focusing on their intention. If they are not inspired, supported and empowered, then the intention is probably steeped in expectation rather than intention. This is a separate conversation and one I will love to have with you.

Now, back to intention. When we coach our clients to set and keep clear intention we help them with inquiry and curiosity by asking exploratory questions. We also help them reevaluate the actions they take towards honoring their intention.

The cool thing about focusing on intention is that it helps our clients come into the present moment, which is empowering. Having a clear vision of intention is supportive. And when our clients see forward movement towards their goals, dreams, and desires, they are inspired. This builds confidence and openness to possibility and life is then in motion.



Martha Pasternack, MMC;  My passion for witnessing the beauty and mystery of life, healthy healing and the promotion of Peace on Earth are integral to my daily life. I have been life coaching since 2004 as a Fearless Living Coach after working 30 years as a health care professional.


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