Intercultural Corner

Intercultural Corner
by Jan O’Brien

Welcome to the Intercultural Corner! My vision for this short monthly article is to provide a supportive and thought-provoking platform for us to discuss coaching and cultural competence. Navigating cultural “difference”, be it international or domestic, is an ever-important aspect of the coaching profession. As coaching expands around the world and as our domestic environments become more diverse, so do the opportunities and challenges for forming trusting and compatible relationships with our clients.

One of the key components of coaching effectively across cultures is the development of our cultural self-awareness. For example, our awareness of our own world views, values, perceptions, communication styles, patterns of behavior and even our humor! In addition, it is important to gain an understanding of our clients’ cultural perspective so that we can communicate in a respectful and culturally appropriate manner.

Our intentional development in the area of cultural competence helps us to avoid misunderstandings and stereotyping and allows us to shift our perspective and behavior accordingly. Thus, with our intercultural coaching skills enhanced and with the guidance of the Masteries, we are better equipped to create an environment in which our clients can explore, discover and grow.

Every month in this newsletter, the Intercultural Corner will serve as a starting point for exploring topics on cultural competence and coaching. We will also post the article, along with a question, on the IAC LinkedIn group for continued discussion and sharing.

I very much look forward to our intercultural conversations!

Jan O’Brien IAC-MCC
Jan specializes in Cross-Cultural, Personal Leadership and Spiritual Intelligence coaching. She is committed to exploring the multiple layers of culture, self-awareness and leadership so that her clients develop an integral understanding of themselves and others — personally, professionally, culturally and spiritually.

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