International Coaching Conference in Shanghai, China – March 19, 2010

by Susie Li

Passionate about coaching, members of the IAC Shanghai, Shenzhen and Hong Kong Chapters have been dedicated to developing the coaching profession in Hong Kong and in China since 2008. To this end, they have taken many initiatives, culminating with the upcoming 2010 Shanghai Coaching Conference in China on Friday, 19 March 2010.

Bonnie Chan, the president of IAC Hong Kong Chapter, initially organized monthly IAC Hong Kong Chapter meetings for the professional development and certification of Chinese coaches in Hong Kong. Inspired by what came out of the monthly meetings, we went on to organize the IAC Annual Dinner in Shenzhen in 2009, attended by 40 coaches, executives and coaching learners. The resounding success of the Shenzhen Annual Dinner created momentum for us to promote coaching even further in Greater China, through the upcoming 2010 Shanghai Coaching Conference.

Shanghai has been chosen to host the upcoming Conference in the Greater China region, as it has been the centre for China in the past. It has been the centre for coaching as well, as many of the pioneer coaches in China are from Shanghai, and many international coaching schools are now offering coaching training courses in Shanghai. Shanghai is becoming an international centre for coaching, and it is important for IAC to include China as a partner in advancing coaching to the highest global standard.

The 2010 Shanghai Coaching Conference is for professional coaches, corporate executives, human resource and training professionals and coaching learners in the region, with workshops organized for each of these groups. Conference participants will:

  • Experience the latest development of coaching in Shanghai and in China
  • Gain insights in the movement of corporate coaching in Shanghai and in China
  • Learn about the needs of clients and new local coaches
  • Network with professional coaches from around Asia
  • Engage in the highest international standard of coaching

Currently, a number of coaches in Greater China have already passed the step 1 exam for IAC Certification, and there will be more certified Chinese coaches in the near future. Natalie Tucker Miller, IAC Lead Certifier, will fly from the US to Shanghai to be the Keynote Speaker for this high-profile event.

This is a coaching event not to be missed! Register now!

Susie Li, Career Coach, supports her clients to identify their unique personal qualities and leverage them in a suitable career and organization, so that they thrive in a career they love.

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