Journaling: An Agent for Social Change

by Kim Ades

When I started Frame of Mind Coaching, the idea was to help people build their emotional resilience so that when a negative event happened in their lives, they would be able to bounce back from the impact with greater speed, agility and success.

Right off the bat, I decided that I would ask my coaching clients to journal every day for the duration of our 10-week coaching period. I would send them coaching questions to work with and they would journal in response to those questions in an online journal that I could read and comment on. The effect was dramatic. Within weeks people were transforming. By writing their stories they began to see their own limiting beliefs and make new choices that would impact every aspect of their lives. The results were shocking. Even I was astounded.

I ended up building my own journaling platform, which we then opened up to the public. As more and more people began journaling, I quickly began to notice a different, deeper, more expressive type of journaling. Some people wrote about being estranged from close family members. Others wrote about being abused as children. Parents wrote about the challenges of raising their children and children wrote about the challenges of seeing their aging parents deteriorate. Some used the journaling community to grieve the loss of an important family member; others used it as a place to gain support while battling a life threatening disease like cancer.

I realized that I built far more than a piece of software. I built a safe haven where people could authentically express themselves and sort through the pain that their lives had dealt them. I built a place where they could reveal their deepest secrets and still be supported and loved.

We now license the software to hundreds of coaches, speakers, trainers, schools, churches and businesses around the world. I am proud to say that JournalEngine™ has become a healing device that enables people to climb out of their deepest despair and into a place of hope and optimism. Is this an agent for social change? I believe it is.


Kim Ades, MBA, is the President and Founder of Frame of Mind Coaching and JournalEngine™ Software. As an expert on performance through thought management, she uses her unique process of coaching through journaling to switch thought patterns and ignite life transformation. Visit to start your free trial.



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