Learning from the Best. Becoming the Best. How?

Learning from the Best. Becoming the Best. How?
By Bibi Ohlsson

Becoming the best is about continuously expanding our skills in response to a changing environment, new developments and the emerging future. Embracing a habit of constant expansion through learning and increasing knowledge enables us to respond to our coaching client’s ever-changing needs.

When sharpening and gaining relevant new skills and hearing ideas and thoughts from leading experts in the coaching industry is part of our personal growth plan, we invest both in ourselves as well as in our coaching clients.

In the digital world access to knowledge is freely available and the discerning coach can often find material of high quality. The excitement of live interactions may be found in on-line events, such as webinars and podcasts. Across the globe, there are many Coaching conferences by leading organizations that coaches could attend as they bring high value to the process of learning value. The annual global WBECS event, the ongoing Desafio Coaching Conference in Latin America, Conversations Among Masters (CAM) in the United States are among the more prominent events on the annual calendar. Most of these events aim to consistently deliver outstanding value, provide the most cutting-edge content in the industry, help increase the overall quality of coaching provision and raise the bar for the entire profession as a result.

Personally, attending the annual WBECS has been a great way to learn from the best. To refresh, renew and expand knowledge and to trigger thoughts. The online event has made it possible to create long lasting relationship with others in the coaching industry. Staying connected with other participants has aided in lowering the the bar for implementing what we’ve learned and certainly raised the bar of quality of our coaching.

Learning from the best and becoming the best is a never ending ongoing process. It requires for us to have a curious mind, wanting to learn from the emerging future, getting out of our comfort zones, applying critical thinking and implementing what we learn.

Attending a conference is easy. Implementing and practicing what we learn is what converts knowledge to wisdom. That’s how we can become better from learning from the best and serve our clients on a higher level.

To your success,

Bibi Ohlsson

Bibi Ohlsson: Head of Communications IAC  & High-Performance Coach.  She is a seasoned pro with 30+ years successful and diverse business background in the IT Industry. Bibi is complementing her extensive experience from professional and personal life with Coaching Masteries and continuous improvement is of great importance to her. Bibi enjoys working with clients around the globe. Living in a bi-continental family, she travels extensively between Norway and the United States.

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