Lessons from the Certifiers

by Nina East

Mastery #4 – Processing in the Present

This month in The Inside Scoop, we continue with our journey through the Masteries, focusing on Mastery #4 –Processing in the Present.

If you have not already done so, I encourage you to download the Coaching Masteries E-Book. Having it readily available will help you become more familiar with each of the Masteries, making it easier to recognize when you are using a specific mastery, and how effective that use is. (Please note that an updated version of the e-book will be released during the first quarter of 2009. Watch your email and the VOICE for announcements.)

If you have been following the VOICE, you may recall that in the May 2008 issue I addressed Mastery #4 to a small degree. The reason I introduced #4 early on is that it is one of the Masteries that coaches have been struggling with the most. The Certification Board has discovered that when coaches understand this Mastery, they can generally demonstrate it very well. When they do not demonstrate it well, it is typically because they do not understand what it means.

Processing in the Present represents the leading edge; the next evolution of coaching skills. When you examine other coaching skills or models, you will not find a skill quite like this one. While it may be challenging to grasp at first, I assure you that once you master it, you will come to relish using it as it can help you zero in on what is going on for the client much faster, and provide a rich resource for the client.

From the Coaching Masteries E-Book: “Mastery #4, Processing in the Present, is demonstrated when the coach is attentive to the client, processing information at the level of the mind, body, heart and/or spirit, as appropriate. The coach expands the client’s awareness of how to experience thoughts and issues on these various levels, when and as appropriate. The coach utilizes what is happening in the session itself (the client’s behavior, patterns, emotions, the relationship between coach and client, etc.) to assist the client toward greater self-awareness and positive right action.”

The two key words in this Mastery are “processing” and “present.”

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Nina East, IAC-CC is the IAC’s Lead Certifier and the founder of PersonalGrowthProfessionals.com. As a coach, she helps personal growth professionals turn creative edge thinking into practical tools and resources, and helps coaches master the art of coaching. For even more insights about improving your coaching skills, visit www.CoachCamps.com.  


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