Lessons from the Certifiers

Assistance on Your Road to Coaching Mastery
by Natalie Tucker Miller, MMC

Over the years, people have wondered about the best approach to IAC certification.

One of the foundational philosophies at the IAC is that the coach be empowered to choose the most appropriate path for themselves. A personalized structure will allow them to expand their coaching ability based on who they are as an individual.

The IAC Coaching Masteries® support this, as they allow for a variety of styles and methods, providing the measures with which a coach can quantify effectiveness.

One powerful way in which a coach can plan their strategy is to use the current tools within the IAC to create this personalized structure to certification success.

Some of the tools available that can help design their learning are:

The IAC Coaching Masteries® include the very language needed to create your plan. As you use the language of the Masteries to advance your path to certification, you’re using the very tool you need to prepare for certification.

Preparing your Learning Agreement will provide the roadmap for your coach training and certification. You’ll learn to utilize the things you’re already doing as a catalyst for greater depth and understanding of the Masteries.

Understand the theory of coaching through the sample exam as the foundation for your learning. This robust sample is often overlooked as the great learning tool that it is. Whether you’re training on your own, in a group, with a mentor, at an IAC Masteries licensed school, or in other ways, these sample questions can be points of great discussion about coaching.

This is a solid starting place. Other ideas include reading through the VOICE archives, following the IAC on social media through Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, and taking advantage of the find-a-coach directory for study partners.

Regardless of your approach, the IAC can assist you on your road to coaching mastery.

Do you have a question that you’d like to ask the certifiers? Submit your questions here: http://certifiedcoachblog.typepad.com/blog/ask-the-certifiers.html.

Natalie Tucker Miller, MMC, is the Lead Certifier and a certifying examiner at the IAC, as well as Past-President. Natalie is founder of Ageless-Sages.com Publishing (www.ageless-sages.com), and creator of the literary genre, Picture Books for Elders™.


Please send your questions on the IAC Coaching Masteries® and the certification process to certification@certifiedcoach.org.

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