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Is there room for personal style in the IAC Coaching Masteries®?
by Natalie Tucker Miller, IAC-CC

Q.) I have my own unique style of coaching that works for me and my clients. Will I have to change my coaching style in order to pass IAC certification?

A.) One of the important aspects to understand about the IAC Coaching Masteries® is that they are not a coaching methodology. The Masteries are skill sets that have been extracted from a variety of coaching methods, in which measurable results are discernable.

That said, however, without knowing your unique style, it’s difficult to determine if IAC certification is the most appropriate route for you. Does your coaching methodology embody the skill sets that the IAC measures? The best way for you to determine if your style is aligned with the IAC masteries is to review the material and take note of which Masteries support your coaching approach and which, if any, do not? If there are areas that do not seem to coincide, will they prevent a measurable demonstration of the Masteries? These are the kinds of questions you can consider when looking at what is required to pass IAC certification.

Completing the sample written exam on the website might also help you determine if IAC certification is measuring skill sets that are part of your methodology and style.

You do raise a most important topic, so let’s look at this another way. If your coaching is to be authentic, wouldn’t it stand to reason that your unique style would be best suited for your coaching? Absolutely. What you may discover, however, is that with the inclusion of the IAC Masteries, your coaching can grow stronger while preserving your unique style.

We’ve heard from coaches who have discovered their style was enhanced and their coaching relationships strengthened when they incorporated the Masteries. The Masteries encourage a sophisticated level of communication that stimulates transformative growth in both the client and the coach! When you augment your coaching with the Masteries, you cannot help but be swept to a deeper level of thinking, a refining of your personal style and a providing of greater options for your client.

So what does that mean for your individual style?

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Natalie Tucker Miller, IAC-CC, is the Lead Certifier and a certifying examiner at the IAC, as well as Past-President. She is Dean of Students and a Master Instructor at the School of Coaching Mastery. Natalie is founder of Ageless-Sages.com Publishing (www.ageless-sages.com), and creator of the literary genre, Picture Books for Elders™.

Please send your questions on the IAC Coaching Masteries® and the certification process to certification@certifiedcoach.org.

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