Lessons from the Certifiers

by Nina East, IAC-CC

Mastery #9 – Helping the client create and use support systems and structures

This Inside Scoop article is the final installment in a 9-part series addressing each of the individual IAC Coaching Masteries®. You can review the previous articles in the VOICE archives.

When you are coaching a client, it is critical to help them create and use appropriate and sustainable support systems and structures. It helps the client to be more confident and secure in moving forward and to embrace responsibility, and it addresses sustainability so the client does not have to rely solely on their own willpower.

While it is the ninth mastery, and it is often focused on near the end of a coaching session when coach and client are co-creating what comes next, elements of this mastery are occurring throughout the coaching session. When the coach understands the difference between system and a set of action steps, their value to the client goes up dramatically.

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Nina East is the IAC®’s Lead Certifier and the founder of www.PersonalGrowthPrincess.com, a site for business owners and professional women who are enthusiastic about personal growth. As a coach, she helps personal growth professionals turn creative edge thinking into practical tools and resources, and helps coaches master the art of coaching.


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