Lessons from the Certifiers

by Nina East, IAC-CC

Mastery #8 – Inviting Possibility

Many coaches tell me that Mastery #8 is one of their favorites. I think this is because when inviting possibility, the coach’s job is to create an environment that allows ideas, options and opportunities to emerge. By definition it does not require closure, completion or perfection.

The way in which Inviting Possibility is used is important, though. When used properly, this mastery can help the client make dramatic leaps forward in their goals. It is also possible to misuse this mastery, producing an undesirable effect on the coaching and with the client.

Inviting Possibilities is happening when thoughts, ideas and actions are expanded. The client’s awareness is stretched beyond the norm, and he or she has more options than previously realized. It is essential that the coaching discussion be one of discovery and exploration. While the coach may share ideas or perspectives, it must be done with the client’s needs in mind, and for the purpose of expanding what is possible, not narrowing down or moving toward resolution prematurely.

There are three critical distinctions the coach must make when using this Mastery at a masterful level.

First, the coach must not impose his or her expertise. The coach may have ideas and suggestions, but when coming from the perspective of an “expert,” the coach is deciding what is best for the client. It is better for the coach to adopt a “beginner’s mind” – listening as if for the first time, with eyes and mind wide open for whatever might appear. The coach does have wisdom and experience, but when inviting possibility, the idea is to bring in or generate something new.

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Nina East is the IAC®’s Lead Certifier and the founder of www.PersonalGrowthPrincess.com, a site for business owners and professional women who are enthusiastic about personal growth. As a coach, she helps personal growth professionals turn creative edge thinking into practical tools and resources, and helps coaches master the art of coaching.


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