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Mastery #5 – Expressing
by Nina East, IAC-CC

This month we are discussing Mastery #5 – Expressing. This mastery is just what it sounds like – how the coach communicates with the client. Paraphrasing from the Coaching Masteries Ebook, expressing is how the coach communicates his or her commitment, direction, intent and ideas. It is not just how the coach communicates, but whether that communication is effective.

This mastery can be closely associated with Mastery #3 – Engaged Listening, but the two are not the same. A coach could be very effective at listening and picking up nuances of communication, but may still not be able to express that in a way that the client can hear, that maintains trust in the relationship or that adds value for the client.

The objective is that the coach’s communication helps put the client at ease, aids in developing trust (as in Mastery #1) and enhances the value of the coaching for the client (rather than being a distraction, for example). It is important that the client understands what the coach is expressing, and that the client may question the coach when it is not clear.

It is clear the coach’s expressing has a direct effect on the coaching. It is important to note that a masterful coach does not have to be perfect and get everything right. The coach does not have to be profound or state everything perfectly…but the manner in which the coach communicates must add to the coaching session, not take away from it or serve as a distraction.

A key distinction is that the coach is communicating FOR the client, not TO the client. When the coach chooses to share something about his or her own experience or life, what is their motive? The coach must understand the difference between self-referencing for the benefit of the client versus self-referencing for a specific effect, or to make themselves sound knowledgeable or better.

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Nina East, IAC-CC, is the IAC’s Lead Certifier and the founder of PersonalGrowthProfessionals.com. As a coach, she helps personal growth professionals turn creative edge thinking into practical tools and resources, and helps coaches master the art of coaching. For even more information about essential coaching skills, visit Nina at www.CoachCamps.com


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