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Announcing a new supplement to the Masteries E-Book!
by Natalie Tucker Miller, MCC (IAC)

Can masterful coaching be measured objectively? Absolutely! Over the years the IAC has received many wonderful comments about our Coaching Masteries® and the Masteries E-Book, which underscore our central philosophy that coaching skills are evident and observable.

In the e-book, each mastery is described in detail by its characteristics, including:

  • Title
  • Definition
  • Effects
  • Key elements
  • Distinctions
  • Effective behaviours
  • Ineffective behaviours
  • Measures
  • Common mistakes coaches make
  • Indicators the coach understands the mastery

We've also been asked further questions about how a particular mastery or element of a mastery can be applied in coaching. Several of the certifiers and certified coaches have contributed articles to address these approaches over the years, including former Lead Certifier Nina East. In 2008-2009, Nina wrote a series of articles for the IAC VOICE that explored the nuances and application of each of the IAC Masteries®. The IAC has now compiled these articles into one document that is now available to members as a supplement to the Masteries E-Book.

We are excited to be able to share these powerful lessons with you in a convenient format to help enhance and enrich your integration of these powerful coaching tenets. Directions: Apply liberally to all areas of your coaching! Members, get your copy here.

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Do you have a question that you’d like to ask the certifiers? Submit your questions here: http://certifiedcoachblog.typepad.com/blog/ask-the-certifiers.html.

Natalie Tucker Miller, MCC (IAC), is the Lead Certifier and a certifying examiner at the IAC, as well as Past-President. Natalie is founder of Ageless-Sages.com Publishing (www.ageless-sages.com), and creator of the literary genre, Picture Books for Elders™.


Please send your questions on the IAC Coaching Masteries® and the certification process to certification@certifiedcoach.org.

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