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For Licensees and Potential Licensees

Any current member of the IAC® (individual or organization) who agrees to and signs the license agreement and pays the annual fees. In addition, Licensees must have achieved the status of IAC-Masteries Practitioner™ or IAC® Certified Coach, and have an approved Masteries Professional Development Plan.

  • Must be a current member of the IAC® in good standing.
  • Must sign a one-year licensing agreement, renewed annually.
  • Must be a IAC-Masteries Practitioner™ or IAC® Certified Coach, and have an approved Masteries Professional Development Plan.
  • IAC® Masteries License Royalty Option B – $850.00 annually – Individual providing products or programs to members that are approved Licensees, and that have a coaching training business.
  • IAC® Masteries License Royalty Option C – $1,500.00 annually (universities and institutes of post-secondary learning).
  • Must convey to their students that any student evaluations conducted as part of Licensee’s training or mentoring program are not equivalent to success in the IAC Certification™ process.
  • Agree to abide by the IAC®’s Ethical Principles

See Licensing Agreement/Payment for more details on licensing requirements.

  • Permission to use The IAC Coaching Masteries® to teach and/or assist students or clients to become IAC® certified.
  • Opportunity to leverage the IAC®’s high-quality, validated and efficient coaching certification process to further advocate for excellence in individual coaching skills and professionalism in the field of coaching.
  • Professional listing on the IAC®’s website, a targeted placement for reaching coaching students and mentees.
  • Opportunity to publish articles that promote your professional expertise to IAC® members and website visitors.

Licensees are not permitted to indicate whether a specific coaching recording is likely to pass or fail the IAC Certification™ process. Licensees are permitted to develop their own methods of evaluation in order to advance learning, but may not represent their methods as the same as those standards applied by IAC® certifiers.

  • Teach students to assess and score their own and others’ recordings using The Coaching Masteries®.
  • Demonstrate coaching evaluation using short excerpts of recordings to be submitted for certification.
  • Identify strengths and weaknesses in student recordings without indicating whether they would pass or fail.
  • Offer contrasting coaching examples for each mastery that might receive high or low scores from IAC® certifiers.
  • Encourage students to gather opinions on their recordings from other coaches.
  • Reinforce that students must take responsibility for their own recordings and certification submission process.

Official language translations of The Coaching Masteries® are available through your Member Dashboard. (You must be logged in to access your dashboard.) If translation in a particular language is not available, Licensees must obtain permission from IAC® to create an official translation, subject to final review by IAC® before distributing.

For enquiries about licensing The Coaching Masteries®: Contact IAC® Licensing Committee

For Students of Coaching Certification and Certification Applicants
  • Carefully research mentors and schools. The IAC® does not check, assess or credential the methods or results from any of the Licensees.
  • Consider testimonials and interview current and former students.
  • Check that mentors or schools have a good understanding of the IAC Certification™ process, preferably through personal experience.
  • Hire only official Licensees. It is illegal to use IAC Coaching Masteries® for commercial purposes without a license. All licensees are listed under Find a School or Mentor.
  • Inquire about the trainers’ own coach training background and certification credentials.
  • Ask for IAC Certification™ success rate.
  • Be aware that IAC® Licensees are not permitted to assess whether coaching recordings you intend to submit for certification are likely to pass. Rather, they will teach you to understand the requirements of masterful coaching, offer you their own methods for evaluating and scoring recordings, and teach you to assess your own and others’ recordings.
  • Outside support is neither necessary nor required to achieve IAC Certification™. However, support from IAC® licensed mentors, coach trainers or training schools, or participation in study groups is recommended to enhance your learning and increase your chances of success.

Learn more about choosing a coaching school.

  • The IAC® has a comprehensive and detailed scoring methodology for determining whether or not applicants’ recordings coaching session will pass. This methodology was tested for internal consistency prior to its application, and Examiners are thoroughly trained to ensure fair and consistent scoring.
  • Two Examiners independently review each submission to score the coaching session.
  • In the event of a difference in scores, the recording coaching session is reviewed by a third IAC Examiner.

Learn more about IAC Certification™.

For enquiries about licensing The Coaching Masteries®, contact IAC® Licensing Committee

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