Licensing Agreement and Payment

Licensing Agreement and Payment

Licensing Agreement/Payment

IAC Coaching Masteries® Licensing

The IAC® offers the following licensing options for coaching schools who wish to incorporate The Coaching Masteries® into their commercial mentoring or training programs in order to assist their clients or students in becoming IAC® certified.

The Coaching Masteries® License options:

  • IAC® Masteries License Royalty Option B – $850.00 annually
    Providing products or programs to members that are approved Licensees, and that have a coaching training business. May also include a logo and a longer description in their listing on the IAC®’s website.
  • IAC® Masteries License Royalty Option C – $1500.00 annually
    Universities and institutes of post – secondary learning.

Download the Licensee Handbook Download the Licensee Handbook (Español)

Revised IAC® Licensure Requirements

  1. By January 1, 2015, every individual, school or organization licensed to use the IAC Coaching Masteries® in its curriculum must have on its staff at least one coach who is certified in the IAC Coaching Masteries®. In order to fulfill this requirement, the coach (or coaches) who teach the IAC Coaching Masteries® must, as a minimum, have earned the IAC® Masteries Practitioner (MP) designation. This signifies that the holder of the MP designation is a current IAC® member, has passed the IAC® written exam, and has a Learning Agreement approved by an IAC® Certifier.
  2. Every licensee is accountable to its students for the content of the licensee’s training program. The IAC® will not oversee the curriculum, the instruction or the use of the IAC Coaching Masteries® in licensee training programs.
  3. IAC® will publish on its website the name of the licensee, school or program, the name of the accountable coach or the curriculum, the level of IAC Certification™ he/she holds (MC/CMC/MCC) and a link to the licensee organization’s website.

To become an IAC Coaching Masteries® Authorized Licensee and/or to request more information contact the Licensing Committee.

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