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  • Main Contact: KUO,CHIA-CHEN
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  • State or Province: No.16-3, Dasiang Rd., Sanmin Dist., Kaohsiung City 807059, Taiwan (R.O.C.)
  • Postal Code: Kaohsiung
  • Country: Taiwan
  • Primary Language: Traditional Chinese
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  • Coaches: Xu Jing, CMC
  • About the program:

    CMCA (Chinese Mindfulness & Coaching Academy) was established in 2019 at Taiwan, the founder is Chia-Chen, Kuo. It is a academy specializing in management training and coaching in Taiwan. Our Academy focuses on equipping millennials to master communication skills in the workplace and life through training and coaching specifically.

    We create special and unique programs and tools to improve the performance and results of each individual and team. Supported by an experienced trainer, professional coaches and consultants as our business partners, have enriched our business and expertise. We continue to contribute to organizations and companies development growth which are willing to partner with us in facing new challenges to develop its human resources.



    The Coach Masteries Practitioner Certification Program (MPCP) encompasses key elements to be a professional coach with the IAC Masteries and ethics.

    It prepares participants to apply knowledge and skills of coaching for the purpose of leadership, self-transformation, business, career development, etc.


    Program Overview:

    This is a 3-stage program which includes Introduction to IAC Values, IAC Membership, IAC Certification process, IAC Webpage, IAC Code of Ethics, IAC Coaching Masteries(R) teaching, Coaching practices, in-class training, pair coaching practice (with observation and feedback), and self-study.


    Course Language: Traditional Chinese

    Handout: Traditional Chinese

    Delivery: Traditional Chinese


    Program Objectives

    Demonstrate a high level of proficiency in the internationally recognized core coaching competencies.

    Become competent and masterful coach with the capacity to deliver coaching services in diverse situations.

    Integrate the coaching principles, methodologies and skills into your professional practice.

    Experience the impact of the transformational approach in your own life.

    Gain confidence to immediately apply these skills for the benefit of others around you.

    Certification Earned:

    By the end of the program you will receive the title of Certified Coaching Masteries Practitioner (MP).


    Training Agenda

    Stage-1 Coaching Basement

    Stage-1 Courseware Design Principles

    – 9 sessions, one topic per session

    – Each session for 2 hours (online)
    – One session per week

    – Prior the session, deploy the learning module (handout, ppt, scenario drill … etc.)

    – Using “Coaching for Performance” by Sir John Whitmore as the major reference textbook
    – Suitable for those who know nothing about coaching

    SessionMajor Content and Topics
    1The essence, definition, and concept of coaching (what & why)

    Introduction to IAC Values, IAC Membership

    2Coaching principles primary
    3Creating a holographic listening
    4Power questions and feedback
    5Fusion coaching principles and communication skills to create an empowering conversation session
    6Coaching model – GROW
    7Common coaching practice / skills
    8Join the skills and processes to facilitate an empowering conversation session
    9Integration to create your own individual coaching style


    Stage-2 Certification Preparation (For Online Test)

    Stage-2 Courseware Design Principles

    IAC Coaching Masteries(R) teaching

    – 12 sessions, basically, one Mastery per session
    – Each session for 2 hours (online)
    – One session per week



    Major Content and Topics


    1IAC Certification process, IAC Webpage, IAC Code of Ethics

    Conversion engagement and IAC Masteries overview

    IAC Coaching Masteries(R) teaching

    2Mastery 1 definition / effect / key elements observation and mentor feedback
    Coaching practices
    3Mastery 2 key elements, mentor feedback, and skill in practice
    Coaching practices
    4Mastery 3 group drill, core skill training
    Coaching practices
    5Mastery 4 group drill and mentor feedback
    Coaching practices
    6Mastery 5 group drill practice, core skill training
    Coaching practices
    7Mastery 6 mentor feedback and core caching skills
    Coaching practices
    8Mastery 7 mentor feedback and “GROW” model application
    Coaching practices
    9Mastery 8 skill enhancement and mentor feedback
    Coaching practices
    10Mastery 9 skill enhancement and mentor feedback
    Coaching practices

    IAC Certification process, IAC Webpage, IAC Code of Ethics

    IAC codes and ethics

    T-GROW coaching model

    #1 Establishing and maintaining a relationship of trust

    #2 Perceiving, affirming, and expanding the client’s potential

    #3 Engaged listening

    #4 Processing in the present

    #5 Expressing

    #6 Clarifying

    #7 Helping the client set and keep clear intentions

    #8 Inviting possibility

    #9 Helping the client create and use supportive systems and structures

    Coaching business: Start your career as a coach


    Stage-3 Certification Preparation (MPDP) – 4 sessions

    – 3.5 hours per session (online)

    – one session per week (on Saturday)


    Inner game practice for coaching and MPDP

    Coaching practices

    Session 1 Session 3
    The power of here and nowInner game practice for coaching – Process in the moment drill
    Coaching practices
    The first class of life changing life: how to awaken from deep insideInduction to the MPDP
    The alternative for being – integration of body and mindMPDP  IAC sample demonstration
    Mindfulness ListeningPrepare your own MPDP
    Session 2 Session 4
    Mindfulness origination, definition and core competenceInner game practice for coaching – Process in the moment drill
    Coaching practices
    Coaching definition and core skillsMPDP presentation and feedback
    Calm down a busy heart – Concentration Practice 1MPDP presentation and feedback
    Emotion ABC – awareness of emotional golden triangle

    Pleasant experience vs unpleasant experience


    MPDP presentation and feedback


    Calm down a busy heart – Concentration Practice 2Kind blessing and self-compassion

    Coaching practices



    Coach Masteries Manual

    3 months mentoring session on IAC membership and Masteries designation (online test and MPDP)

    Practice triad coaching


    Thank you and looking forward to hear from you soon.




    IAC Member from Taiwan

    IAC Membership #170329



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