School Information

  • Main Contact: Bruno Juliani
  • Address: Rua São Sebastião, 18 Sala 906 - Centro
  • City: Niterói - Rio de Janeiro
  • Country: Brazil
  • Primary Language: Portuguese
  • Website
  • About the program:

    The Professional Coaching Practitioner is the most practical and results driven coaching certification program in Brazil, reaching excellence in:

    Coaching Skills – We teach proven strategies, techniques, tools, models, competencies and the IAC Masteries to help other people to change.

    Business Building Skills – Marketing, sales and business models to help our graduates to make coaching as your new purpose driven career or part time job.

    An average of 70% of our just graduated coaches leave our core training with 2 or more paying coaching clients.

    Our more advanced programs go a step beyond coaching to help people to change in deeper levels and eradicate fear.

    Alternative website <http://coaching.com.br>

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