Hangzhou Education Shen gong Technology Co Ltd.

Hangzhou Education Shen gong Technology Co Ltd.

School Information

  • Main Contact: Tracey chen
  • City: 120429220@qq.com
  • State or Province: Room 607, Guansheng building, 299 Wang jiang East Road, Shang cheng District
  • Postal Code: hangzhou
  • Country: China
  • Primary Language: Chinese
  • Website
  • Coaches: mary,MP
  • About the program:

    Respected IAC,

    I am Chen, is the legal person of Hangzhou Education Shen gong Technology Co Ltd. My company is located in Hangzhou City, Zhejiang Province,

    I am CMC of IAC, which specializes in coaching, executive coaching and mentoring.

    Today I am writing to you  to apply to become an authorized school of IAC.

    Next, I will briefly introduce the past business of the company and the future promotion of IAC coaching business.

    1、Past Major Coaching Business

    In the past, we have provided coaching services for many enterprises. It includes team coaching, executive coaching, coaching leadership and other services.

    In 2020, we held three special training camps for coaches, with 46 trainees;

    In 2020, I also undertook the public service translation of IAC official website; It has also provided support to IAC members on many occasions, including supporting them to pass online examinations, assisting in MPDP, and sharing public welfare.

    In 2019, I also assisted ODE in the special certification and training of IAC, and I am also a course assistant teacher;

    2、Future IAC Coach Business Planning

    ⑴. Promoting IAC brand is currently in China.

    ICF has a high degree of awareness, and the market has little understanding of IAC. Therefore, the Company expects to organize at least 8 online and offline brand promotion activities in the coming year, such as online pro bono coaching activities, exchange of membership coaching knowledge, pro bono free coaching and annual coaching summit.

    ⑵. Establish IAC’s Brand Execution Enhancement Plan in Zhejiang Market

    The IAC survey of Zhejiang market carries out the brand awareness survey of Zhejiang market every year.

    ⑶. Promotion of IAC business,

    Intensify IAC Business Promotion,including promotion of IAC certification and membership recruitment, is expected to recruit and train no less than 10 people in the coming year. Cultivate the awareness of Chinese enterprises to IAC.

    ⑷. As an authorized school, it provides professional coaching articles, 2 of which can be used in IAC’s internal magazine.

    Above is my report to IAC, in order to become an authorized school, what I need to do next, please guide.

    Thank you!

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