Lin, Mei -Hsin

Lin, Mei -Hsin

School Information

  • Main Contact: Lin, Mei -Hsin
  • City:
  • State or Province: 12th floor, no147. Akihito Road, Sanmin District Kaohsiung Taiwan
  • Postal Code: Kaohsiung
  • Country: Taiwan
  • Primary Language: Mandarin
  • Coaches: Lin, Mei -Hsin,MP
  • About the program:

    Delivery Mode:
    In-person Classes

    Introduction of Lin, Mei -Hsin:
    1. ICF International Coach Federation ( training for one year, total 120 hours )
    2. International Coach Federation, Taiwan Chapter, ICF International Coach Federation (2 years)
    3. CPIAC Chinese International Professional Coach Association – IAC Nine Intensive Coaching Course (1 years)
    4. CPCDA Chinese Professional Coaching Development Association – Coaching course (3 years)
    5. IAC International Coach’s Nine Essential Online Reading Club 3 years

    Current :
    1. Vice President of CPIAC China International Professional Coach Association
    2. IAC International Coach Association Practicing Coach(MP)

    1. Doctor of Science Management and Engineering, Central South University
    2. Present post: International Management Consultants General Manager / Director of Education

    Professional qualifications:
    1. National Kaohsiung University of Science and Technology Employment Program Industry Lecturer
    2. Labor Department of the Ministry of Labor 3C Core Function Lecturer / Industry Lecturer in Colleges and Universities
    3. Ministry of Labor Labor Development Agency iCAP Functional Analyst (Grade 5)
    4. Ministry of Labor Development Agency iCAP Planning Course and Assessment Function Analyst
    5. British MBSR Oxford Mindfulness Center Training M1-M2-M3/Nanhua Mindfulness Center Mindfulness Advanced
    6. Mindfulness-Based Helping Association the Second Medal of Mind and Helping Professional Lecturer – Stage 1
    7. CPC China Productivity / Chinese Personnel Supervisor Association / Lecturer Consultant Coach
    8. ICMCI/CMC International Business Management Consultants Association Board of Directors / International Senior Consultant
    9. Gao Qun Education Institution Founder / Corporate Coaching for 12 years
    10. Teaching in National Kaohsiung University of Science and Technology for 10 years

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