Licensing Committee Column

by Charlie Boyer

The Licensing Committee is experiencing some changes lately. Pepe Del Rio, who has served as chair of the Committee since 2011, will be moving on to another IAC responsibility soon. We very much appreciate that he continues to be active on the Committee during this transition period. Deb Chisholm from Vermont will be assuming the role of Chair, and will work closely with Pepe to keep our work going forward.

We are very pleased to announce that Eduardo Vier from Los Angeles, will be joining the Licensing Committee. Among his many accomplishments, Eduardo is fluent in Spanish and English, and will be a terrific asset to the Committee, as more than half our licensure applicants are from Spanish-speaking countries. Welcome, Eduardo!

As we continue to revise and clarify the licensure requirements and procedures, we invite IAC members to contact us with any questions you may have, or to please let us know if you discover anything that is not clear to you. One of our most important projects coming up is to revise the Licensing Handbook and the website so that they are “in sync” with each other.

We’re keeping busy as summer approaches. Pepe del Rio has been busy traveling lately. He participated in the IAC Latin American Conference in Santiago, Chile. Deb Chisholm has made several “Me Power” presentations to various community groups. Eduardo Vier combines his coaching and volunteer work both with ICF and IAC, and Charlie Boyer is updating his “Team 412 Project” for another round of web-based leadership training.

Committee members Deb Chisholm, Pepe del Rio, Eduardo Vier and Charlie Boyer welcome your suggestions and comments. Contact the Licensing Committee at

Charles Boyer, Ed.D., (Charlie), BCC, Certified Masteries Coach, is the founder of C-Star Coaching, a values-oriented practice for newer leaders, and creator of the Team 412 Project, a web-based leadership development program.

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