Licensing Committee Column

by Charlie Boyer

Happy New Year! The holiday seasons have come and gone, and as of this writing, the cold weather seems to have decided to stay awhile. We hope by the time you read this, things will have warmed up a bit in the northern US and Canada, and that our southern hemisphere friends are enjoying warm, sunny days on the beaches.

While writing this column, we experienced a power outage on a cold day in Colorado. It was only for a couple of hours, so we were fortunate that it didn’t last longer. Thanks to a back-up drive, I didn’t lose any computer files or documents. We had flashlights, candles, cell phones and a working fireplace, but it’s amazing how dependent we are on electricity these days!

Now that 2015 is here, we remind all licensees that applications for new or renewal licenses must meet the “MP” requirements. Applicants must, as a minimum, have passed the IAC written exam and have submitted a learning agreement.

During the past month, three applications for licensure have been approved: 1 from Chile, 1 from Australia, and 1 from Mexico. The names of the applicant schools and the contact person will be published in a following listing.

Other items discussed by the committee include the possibility of “in the moment” translators available during study calls, and the possible submission of student recordings as a part of one’s learning agreement. These items have not yet been discussed and approved by the Board of Governors.

Committee members Pepe del Rio, Deb Chisholm, and Charlie Boyer welcome your suggestions and comments. Contact the Licensure Committee at

Charles Boyer, Ed.D., (Charlie), BCC, Certified Masteries Coach, is the founder of C-Star Coaching, a values-oriented practice for newer leaders, and creator of the Team 412 Project, a web-based leadership development program.

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