Licensing Committee Corner

by Charlie Boyer

The Licensing Committee enjoyed meeting with IAC Certifiers recently to discuss some of the issues around the need for translations and information into languages other than English. The most pressing need appears to be for Spanish-speaking licensees, but we are looking into needs in other languages as well. Despite the many problems involved, we cautioned ourselves to focus not on the problems, but rather on one of the Masteries: Inviting Possibility, and on one of Thomas Leonard’s 15 Frameworks: The Answer is Somewhere. All agreed to continue working to resolve the difficulties of language in an international association.

Our May meeting was postponed until after the copy deadline for this issue, so we’ll have more to report next month. On the agenda for our late-May meeting are these topics: Licensure Budget, Review and Approval of new applications for Licensure, and written IAC exams in languages other than English.

Committee members Pepe del Rio, Deb Chisholm, and Charlie Boyer welcome your suggestions and comments. Contact the Licensure Committee at

Charles Boyer, Ed.D., (Charlie), BCC, Certified Masteries Coach, is the founder of C-Star Coaching, a values-oriented practice for newer leaders, and creator of the Team 412 Project, a web-based leadership development program.

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