Licensing Committee Corner

by Charlie Boyer

The Licensing Committee continued to review and refine wordings to clarify the various licensing options. The nuances of language continue to challenge us! Basically, Option A licenses are granted to individuals. Option B licenses are granted to individuals and organizations who have coaching schools or deliver programs or workshops. The new Option C license is intended for universities and post-secondary institutions. These options are listed in more detail on the IAC website.

The Licensing Committee wishes to make it clear to all applicants that beginning January 2015, all license applications must have at least one coach certified at the Masteries Practitioner level.

We are pleased to announce that our first application for an Option C license was approved by the Committee: a well-respected university, one of the largest in Mexico. The name of the institution will be included in the next listing of approved licensees.

Our next meeting will include a discussion with IAC Certifiers about the growing need for translations of application and membership information into languages other than English.

Committee members Pepe del Rio, Deb Chisholm, and Charlie Boyer welcome your suggestions and comments. Contact the Licensure Committee at

Charles Boyer, Ed.D., (Charlie), BCC, Certified Masteries Coach, is the founder of C-Star Coaching, a values-oriented practice for newer leaders, and creator of the Team 412 Project, a web-based leadership development program.

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