Living the Masteries

by Alison Davis, IAC-CC

Living the Masteries is a regular column where we invite coaches to share their experiences of Living the Masteries in their everyday lives. As we become aware of the Masteries and really understand and use them, we realise just how powerful they are and how, used effectively, they can truly make a lasting difference to the world.

This month coach Lorraine Lee talks about how she uses the Masteries to navigate change.

Living the Masteries amidst Change
by Lorraine Lee IAC-CC

The Living the Masteries column has inspired me to share my experiences of the Masteries in my everyday life. As I reflect and understand more about the Masteries, I see how amazing they are. In particular, I see how effective they are in confronting and managing change.

Change is not unfamiliar to us. We encounter change both on a personal and professional level. Some change we anticipate and some comes to us unexpectedly. Some changes are bigger than others and have greater impact.

When confronted with change, it can be overwhelming and we can be full of mixed emotions. Our default coping mechanisms are activated and our inner strength is tested, especially when we’re faced with challenge and uncertainty.

I would like to think that I know how to embrace change. For example, I have learned that resisting it makes things more difficult. But I have learned even more and grown immensely through studying and working with the IAC Masteries. "Living the Masteries" has played an essential role for me in helping me embrace change.

I try to remind myself daily to go with the flow and trust that what is happening is part of the bigger plan for me (Mastery #1). With trust, change can bring growth, discovery and transformation. Even when there is ongoing stress and anxiety, pressure and doubt, I believe in my own capabilities and reaffirm my inner strength.

This gives me the courage and confidence in my own potential (Mastery #2) and helps me to deal with this changing environment. I listen to myself and pay full attention, noticing what I am saying or not saying, how I am feeling in my body, and I allow my thoughts to process (Masteries #3 and #4).

Amidst change, I have found that focusing on the here and now helps me gain perspective (Mastery #4). I ask myself "What is most important to me now?", "What is the perfection in all of this?", "What am I learning and what does it mean to me?" (Masteries #6 and #7). It strengthens me to explore the core of my inner wisdom and remind myself that I can deal with this and all will be well.

Looking at the possibilities from a larger perspective helps me to see that there are opportunities and a positive way forward (Masteries #7 and #8). I recently spoke with a friend who was not familiar with the "glass half-full or half-empty" points of view. As I was explaining it to her (Mastery #5), it reinforced for me that the perspective or lens that we choose to see things from will determine whether it is positive or negative. The positive perspective is much lighter and brighter to hold on to.

Finally, I support myself with self-care and reassure myself that my support system is in place to help me progress. I advance, step by step, knowing that resources are available for me (Mastery #9). Trusting in my own courage, I feel calmer, stronger and more in balance. I know that this will be another chapter of my life where I will reflect and gratefully admire the enriching experience life has taught me.

I am honored for this opportunity to share my experience with you. The IAC Masteries® are amazing because they can apply to our everyday lives; if we just let them inspire us. I hope you will also find your own special meaning in Living with the Masteries.

This is your column, it can only continue if you share your experiences of Living the Masteries. Please send us your stories—you will inspire others by your sharing, and by talking about the Masteries, we create an echo chamber where their power takes on new meaning in the world.

Send your contributions to Alison Davis at, so she can share them for you in the Living the Masteries column in the VOICE each month.


Lorraine Lee is passionate about coaching and supporting people to be the best they can be in all areas of their life. She is a personal and professional development coach who works with a diverse range of managers/professionals and supports leaders who are committed to excellence. Email Lorraine at




Alison Davis, IAC-CC, is a certifying examiner at the IAC, coach, mentor coach and founder of the IAC–licensed virtual coaching school Foundations for Living. Discover more at

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