Living the Masteries

by Alison Davis, IAC-CC

Living the Masteries is a regular column where we invite coaches to share their experiences of Living the Masteries in their everyday lives. As we become aware of the Masteries and really understand and use them, we realise just how powerful they are and how, used effectively, they can truly make a lasting difference to the world.

One of the books I have read again and again over the last 12 years is Circle of Stones by Judith Duerk. What I especially like about Judith’s book are the questions she asks at the end of each chapter. Each question begins: “How might your life have been different if …?” Through this style of questioning, Judith enables us to begin to create a vision of how our lives can be different.

This month, I have used this same question to explore ways in which our lives could be different through applying the Masteries to our lives. As you ponder the questions below and consider each Mastery one-by-one, I invite you to make some notes about what insights occur for you. Do you have this in your life? What has been missing for you? See if you can begin to create a clear personal vision of what might be possible as a result!

Mastery One

How might your life be different if you had a safe space and a supportive relationship where you could explore, question and co-create, where there was laughter and lightness, where there was enough trust for you to share your deepest fears without feeling judgment? What might be possible for you if you felt you had a personal advocate, someone who was always on your side, no matter what? What might you share or discover about yourself? Can you provide this now for someone else? How might their life and yours be different if you did?

Mastery Two

How might your life be different if there were people around you who believed in your inner greatness, who helped you to acknowledge and appreciate your strengths, and see and unlock your full potential? What might be possible if this were available to you or if you were to make this available for another? How would it be to feel validated and understood? What would happen as a result? How might your levels of excitement and inspiration change? How might you feel differently about yourself?

Mastery Three

How might your life be different if you really listened, without trying to think about what to do or say next, and if others did this for you? If you were able to really focus on another, to just be present without worrying about yourself, what might happen as a result? How might it be to feel really understood? How might your flow of ideas be different?

Mastery Four

How might your life be different if you felt another person was really interested in and engaged by what you had to share, if they were there for you in the present moment? What if they helped you to go deeper and to gain insights into what was really going on for you, if they were to shine a light on things you didn’t see, if they helped you to process information at the levels of mind, body, heart and spirit? How would it be if you could experience this whenever you needed it or if you could provide this for another? How might your experience and understanding of yourself and others be different?

Mastery Five

How might your interactions be different if your exchanges were always clear and appropriate? If your tone of voice and energy achieved just what was needed for your communication to land just right? What if you could use pace and energy effectively and you were able to communicate your commitment, intent and ideas cleanly? Might your exchanges be more free flowing and expansive? How would it be for you if others provided this for you? How might your connection with both yourself and others be different?

Mastery Six

How might your life be different if you were able to help reduce confusion or uncertainty for yourself and others, and to identify what was really going on, uncovering the unknown? What if your careful questioning led to increased confidence and clarity, and the identification of blocks to progress? What might become possible? How would this affect your energy? What might be identified? How might your life be different?

Mastery Seven

How might your life be different if you had clear and manageable goals to work towards? How would it be if actions were clear and easier to take, and if as a result you felt more capable, confident and inspired by possibilities? How might your life be different?

Mastery Eight

How might your life be different if you could see vastly increased possibilities for yourself and your life? What if you could help others do this too? What might be different if you could create an environment that allowed ideas, options and opportunities to emerge? What might be possible if you could experience such an environment of co-creation? How might your life change as a result?

Mastery Nine

How might your life be different if you were able to create and use appropriate and sustainable support systems and structures? What if these were completely aligned both with who you are and with your values? How would you progress towards your goals? How would you feel different? How would your capabilities expand? How might your life be different?

This is your column, it can only continue if you share your experiences of Living the Masteries. Would you be willing to share some of the notes you have taken as you read this column, to share how you were inspired to see new possibilities for yourself and your life or how you helped others do this? Please send us your stories—you will inspire others by your sharing, and by talking about the Masteries, we create an echo chamber where their power takes on new meaning in the world.

Send your contributions to Alison Davis at, so she can share them for you in the Living the Masteries column in the VOICE each month.


Alison Davis, IAC-CC, is a certifying examiner at the IAC, coach, mentor coach and founder of the IAC–licensed virtual coaching school Foundations for Living. Discover more at

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