IAC-Masteries Practitioner™ Renewal Process

IAC-Masteries Practitioner™ renewal process includes the submission of your MPDP document that will support your learning plan to support your certification journey. As you are aware, IAC-Masteries Practitioner™ is a learning designation and the IAC encourages all coaches to complete their certification journey. We invite you to use this opportunity to discuss your learning plan with the reviewer to explore your path to certification.

Your renewed certificate will be awarded on completing the submission of your MPDP Review as per IAC process and the payment of renewal fee (USD $50).

The date of next renewal will be calculated 2 years from your renewal date mentioned in the current/previous certifcate. The dates are calculated based on the date of renewal mentioned on the certificate, and not based on the date of MPDP review and payment of renewal fee. If you have proceeded with renewal after the renewal date (as specified on your certificate ) then the date of renewal will remain 2 years from the date on the certificate and not on the date you make the payment, and not on the date of actual renewal.

We would encourage you to complete the renewal process before the timeline to avoid late fee charges.

Kindly note that the total fee payable will be will be will be calculated based on the IAC renewal process , and includes :

  • MPDP review fee as per existing process : $150
  • IAC-Masteries Practitioner™ renewal fee of $50 with late fee charges (if applicable) as per the following table:
Lapsed CertificationLate Renewal fee (USD)
 Less than 6 months$50
Greater than 6 months and less that 1 year$100
Greater than 1 yearRestart your certification journey from Step 1, as per the current membership process.

For more details , kindly refer to the the IAC Renewal Process.

Steps to proceed with IAC-Masteries Practitioner™ Renewal:

  1. MPDP Submission: Please complete your MPDP payment and submission process first to complete your MPDP review. The IAC reviewer will contact you via email within two weeks of receiving your submission.
  2. Renewal: On successful completion of MPDP submission you can either proceed with the payment for renewing your Masteries Practitioner designation ($50) immediately or after you completed your review. We recommend that all renewal payments ($50) are completed before the date of renewal of our existing certificate to avoid late fees.

The “Renew” will be active on your Member Dashboard as soon as you complete the MPDP submission.

On successful submission of your MPDP, you will be directed to your Member Dashboard to renew your certificate. You may choose to proceed with the renewal now or you can do that later upon completion of your MPDP review. Please ensure that you complete the renewal on or before the date of renewal to avoid the late fee. You do not need to wait for the MPDP Review process to complete for renewing your certificate.

Renewed IAC-Masteries Practitioner™

The renewed certificate will be on your Member dashboard as soon as the MPDP review is completed and the renewal fee (as per process) has been paid.

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