Meet: Dr. Lucia Murphy, Member of the Board of Governors

by Susan Korb

What attracted you to the IAC and to become involved as a
member of its Board of Governors?

My business
has many dimensions, and coaching is a one of the tools I
use with my clients. From my perspective, education happens
in the moment and through experience. The IAC credentialing
process honors both of those. I have been a member of the
IAC for many years, and was very honored to be asked last
year to serve as a member of the Board of Governors.

With the IAC continuing to evolve its focus from coaches to
coaching, what currently is your highest priority as a Board

My particular
contributions to the Board are in Outreach and Strategic
Alliance. Those initiatives deal with two areas: First, our
team is focused on creating links and connections to enhance
the marketplace credibility of the coaching process – among
training organizations, academic institutions and
corporations that use coaching as part of what they do. We
want to shift the spotlight to the unique benefits of
masterful coaching for individual and organizational
success. From my experience in consumer packaged goods at
Frito-Lay and Campbell Soup, talking about tangible benefits
is a win-win for everyone. Clients become aware of the
potential for great results, coaching gets the attention it

The second
part is inviting our membership to become engaged in the
Association. The IAC was created for and by our members. To
continue to make it relevant, it has to remain energized by
our members. What this organization becomes is entirely up
to each of us.

To someone looking for a professional coaching organization,
please name a distinction of the IAC that will set it apart?

IAC approach is based on the coaching process as a whole, not
individual coaching styles. Coaching is really bigger than any one
individual. In contrast, many other credentialing organizations require
the completion of specific programs or following narrowly-defined
protocol. In some instances that can make the focus something other
than masterful coaching.

Tell us a bit more about yourself.

Professionally, I'm best known as "Doctor Murph". My whole
life has been about leveraging information to change
behavior: in sales, consumer packaged goods marketing,
education and academe, consulting and coaching. My practice
brings the power of Human Performance Technology – a set of
effective processes based, not just on my personal
experiences, but on tons of research – to create 'Success
that Sticks.'

At the top of
my personal priorities is my family, who we recently moved
halfway across the country. I am also proud to announce the
launch of my book entitled, LeaderSpeak: 7 Conversations
that Create Sustainable Success
(available in
bookstores April 2007). Believe me, I
understand stress! If you want to know more about me and
what I do, visit my website,

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