Meet Elizabeth Nofziger, Certifier

We are pleased to introduce our newest IAC® Certifier, Elizabeth Nofziger,
who joined our team in January.

and why did you become involved with the IAC®?

Early in my coaching career, I decided that I wanted to coach at an advanced
level, and many of my own coaching mentors were involved with the IAC®,
or recommended IAC® certification as the industry “gold standard.”
So, I knew it was where I was meant to be.

inspired you to become a Certifier?

I was approached by a former certifier about the possibility. My intuition
said YES!, and the logical side of me thought it would be fun, too.

Also, I saw my coaching skills improve immensely during the time I focused
on certification, and noticed the same happen for my colleagues. I thought,
what a great opportunity to be working with (and for) people who are also committed
to improve their coaching skills.

what ways do the IAC Coaching Masteries® help you to certify

The level of detail and specificity of the Masteries® provide a very clear
blueprint to help identify when coaching is done at a masterful level.

do you enjoy most about being a Certifier?

It’s an honor and a pleasure to be part of the certification process.
I continually learn from and am inspired by each of the coaching sessions that
I listen to, and also by working with the other certifiers.

us about your coaching practice.

I help people to do their calling, whether that’s figuring out what’s
next (e.g., “Do I want to be a coach?”), or making it happen (e.g.,
“Now that I know I want to start by own business, how do I do that in
a way that I make money AND do what I love?”). Answering those questions
and helping my clients put the answers into practice is a true joy.

Learn more about Elizabeth at

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  1. Congratulations Elizabeth!
    What advise will you give to those IAC certified coaches who are interested to become the IAC Certifier, in term of self-preparation.
    cheers, bonnie

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