Meet IAC’s 6000th Member

IAC’s 6000th Member:
Chadwick Whitney from Hampshire IL

He may be a new member of IAC, but
Chadwick Whitney has been — in his words — “an unofficial
coach for quite a while.” Currently he coaches a few real
estate investors and four business majors from his Alma Mater, Northern
Illinois University. “I have considerable experience in international
real estate and business. This is the core specialty in my current
operations, and I will likely offer coaching services tailored to
this specialty or related to it,” he says.

He plans to offer coaching as a value-added
service to the base of his business. “I do not think I will
publicly advertise my services but instead will take on clients
through my current clientele and associates. I have an extremely
busy schedule already,” he says.

As for his interests outside of business, he
speaks Russian, Serbo-Croat and a little German. “I have traveled
extensively overseas and enjoy the international marketplace, he
says.” My hobbies include British and American History, Rugby,
and horses — I own five.”

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