MEET: Kim Nishida Newest Member of the IAC Board of Governors

by Susan Korb

What steps did you take to enter
coaching and become connected with the IAC?

With a background in fitness, I attended
a 2002 WellCoaches conference for personal
trainers and aerobics instructors where
the concept of coaching was introduced.
I left with my confidence fully loaded and
the intention that my next career would
include coaching.

Voraciously reading books while joining
the Schools of Coachville, I connected with
Julia Stewart in a study group designed
to pass the IAC exams. The study group,
which included such notable coaches as Natalie
Tucker Miller, Lucia “Dr. Murph”
Murphy and Sali Taylor, was instrumental
in my passing the Part 1 exam. I became
a founding member of the IAC.

How did you move into your own
practice and what would you suggest for
other coaches?

Then my life shifted into a bit of complication.
A company approached me with promises and
a dreamy coaching job description. I left
the comfort of a job at UC Berkeley to pursue
my coaching career intention; however it
did not develop. With the disappointment
and stress that year I consulted with a
doctor who recommended removing the stress
or to continue living with a real health

I took that information reconnecting with
my past confidence, and opened my own coaching
practice without regret. Taking the “dream
job” position provided a stepping
stone and the courage to move into my intended
coaching career.

In one sense, I had the very costly stress
of living out of alignment with my values
by working in a job that compromised my
integrity. Although the prospect of setting
up my own shop was scary, thrilling and
yes, stressful at the same time, intuitively
knowing that I was now creating the life
I was meant to lead gave me courage and
almost boundless energy to see it through

Did I have fears and doubts about whether
or not I would succeed? Yes, daily. If I
had to do it over again, I would seek out
help sooner in the form of technical support,
targeted networking groups, and joint venture

How did you become a member of
the IAC Board of Governors?

While creating my own practice, I began
to monitor the careers of my former study
group buddies and continued to be a loyal
subscriber to the VOICE newsletter. Recently
while conducting a teleseminar entitled
“How a Membership Site Can Save Your
Coaching Business,” Jean Gran, a member
of the IAC Board of Governors attended.
We communicated, and I offered to help with
the IAC membership website. Reconnecting
through the offer to volunteer, reconnected
me to my study group buddies, and fortuitously
to all IAC members as a member of the Board
of Governors.

How do you see your role on the
Board of Governors?

Since I recently joined the Board in January,
2008, my focus has been on learning and
listening with a sense of discovery. The
IAC is member oriented and focused, and
as the IAC community grows, offering members
greater value, benefits and updating the
website are the areas where my focus is
moving, and where my experience will be
currently of most benefit. I look forward
to having a role in website updates to helps
members and continue to provide more benefits
while reaching out to a greater audience.

How would you describe your practice?

Kim’s practice consists of two main
aspects: one is helping coaches grow their
business. She currently is preparing a March
2008 launch of “Membership Site Support
Club,” a membership site for coaches
who want to build and maintain profitable
sites of their own. Anyone interested can
get free resources at
The second includes working with entrepreneurs,
individually and in groups, who want to
transition into being their own boss. The
group format is called “The Results
Mastery Club.”

Kim’s writing includes an e-book,
entitled “Conception to Completion:
The FIT Mind Method to Getting It Done,”
and she is a published writer of short fiction.
She is also raising two dogs, and is engaged
to be married to Mark this year. You can
contact Kim at

Susan Korb is a Life Coach, living in upstate
New York. Her most recent clients say –
“I’ve done it, what’s
next?” She writes and blogs at

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