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My journey to coaching began in 2006 at the height of my career as a Human Resources leader. I realized at that point in my life I had achieved the pinnacle of my career in human resources, yet deeply missed working one-on-one with people and making a difference in their lives. I started to explore the field of coaching and hired a coach, Mattison Grey, MMC (IAC), to work with me. Mattison inspired me to pursue my interest in coaching and learn the skill sets for success. This included pursuing my coach certification with the IAC. I joined the IAC in 2007 and completed the certification in 2009.

In 2008, People Possibilities was born. The name of my company speaks to my belief that there are endless possibilities to pursue in our business and work life. And pursue we do! It’s human nature to want to grow, expand and feel a sense of accomplishment. Whether we realize it or not, our path is about progress. We want to be more!

If we are stagnant or slip backwards, it’s usually because we lack clarity. When we don’t know what to do, we will do nothing. This is the exact opposite of our human nature and potential. Each day we make choices that direct our path. And if the path we choose at first seems impossible — or a change in direction is needed — seeking clarity and making choices to alter our path, in its own right, makes it possible.

I am delighted to work with my clients to assist them in clarifying what changes to make to reach their full potential. My approach is to inspire, challenge and support them as they build leadership capability, identify career development opportunities and transform their careers. It is a joy to see the spark in their eyes when they realize that they have options and choices they can make that move them in a direction that they feel is right and true to what motivates them.

A tool that I have found crucial to the work I do is The Birkman Method™ assessment ( I am a Senior Birkman™ Consultant and use the assessment for career coaching, leadership development, team building and aligning roles and relationships for maximum productivity and success. It uniquely addresses all of these situations because it integrates behavioral, motivational and occupational data together to predict behavior and work satisfaction. We use it as a guide and common language as we explore those options and choices for moving forward.

In addition to my coaching practice, I have continued my human resources career, exclusively focusing on providing services to small to mid-sized companies. I work directly with the business owner, organizational leader, entrepreneur, and game changer. They recognize that an investment in themselves and those around them yields immediate and ongoing results, creating a supportive and success-oriented culture.

If you want to know more about me and what I do, visit my website at You can read my blog posts at And we can stay in touch via LinkedIn:

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