Meet the Coach: Sandy Tremp

A big hello to my coaching peeps worldwide. Aren’t we just the most blessed people?! God brings us all such amazing clients that stretch and expand us as much as we encourage them to do the same. What an amazing job we have and what an opportunity to spread love and compassion!

A little about me: I live in the Valley of the Sun: Phoenix, Arizona, USA where we get to romp and play under sunny skies while much of our country is blanketed in snow. I share my empty nest with my amazing hubby of 33 years, Scott, and our two 4-legged kiddos Bella (Boston Terrier who keeps us laughing) and Sophie (Las Apaso who is my independent little buddy). We are blessed with 3 loving sons, 1 daughter-in-love and one more new daughter-in-love coming in March, as well as another we hope will be adding to the family one day soon, who brings with her a bubbly bundle of 2 year old joy named Gracie. #SO BLESSED!

Not only have Scott and I been married 33 years, but we have had the privilege of working together most of those years. We ministered to hurting people our first several years of marriage through the church Scott pastored. He then finished his master’s degree and became a counselor in 1994. When I started school at Coach University in 2001, I joined his practice and soon he was won over to the powerful practices of coaching.

Though we successfully work together, our marriage has been anything but perfect and wasn’t always mutually fulfilling. Yet, we both were committed and knew God was using each of us to mirror back to one another rough edges He wanted to reshape. Through this process we developed a Marriage Model we use in our workshops and with our clients. We address the dynamic that is often present where one can feel under-empowered while the other partner appears over-empowered. Helping couples equalize, find balance, and put their Loving Creator at the center of their lives and relationship enables them to produce the fulfilling relationship they desire.

Well, I’ve about used all my allotted 400 words so I better close. If you’d like to write and let me know how you work with your clients I’d love to meet you.

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