Member Benefit: Practice Building E-Book

This compilation of articles on building your coaching practice from the IAC
VOICE newsletter assembles the thoughts and advice of some of the leading members
of the coaching community. These articles provide a guide to developing and
implementing a systematic and comprehensive approach to building a coaching
practice. Emerging from the trenches of coaching experience, the advice is both
practical and realistic.

Part 1 provides a basis for business building and, at the same time, is full
of practical advice. Parts 2 and 3 divide the marketing and sales of coaching
services into offline and online techniques. Part 4 guides you in what to do
once you have clients.

Practice building often emerges as the principle need after a coach completes
his or her initial coaching qualification. Practice Building: Marketing, Selling
and Business Management for Coaches, distills the best advice that the IAC VOICE
has gathered to support that need.

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