Member Benefit Testimonial

is my Coaching Assessment of Choice

As a coach, I have many assessment
instruments available. I keep choosing the MAPP Assessment
for several reasons.

First, MAPP is easy to administer.
I just give my client her KeyCode and send her to the website.
From the options available, I have chosen for both of us to
get her results at the same time. So she gets it without any
intervention or work from me and vice versa.

Next the basic data are available
in three formats: narrative, tabular and graphic. That allows
each person to have the data available in the format that
best fits him.

The MAPP report begins with the
narrative presentation which is most readily understood without
any input from me. My client can get involved with the information
immediately, even if our next scheduled meeting is some time

By the time my clients have read
the first two paragraphs of the MAPP Results most of them
have said something like, “Wow, I can’t believe
that short a test [sic] nailed me so closely.” That’s
a great attitude to take into the coaching.

Another attractive aspect is
that the MAPP Assessment offers so many entry points for the
coaching. From something as simple as “ what was your
experience of taking the instrument?” to “how
does your feedback reflect on the issue we were talking about?”

Finally, and maybe most importantly,
MAPP is not a one shot deal. Normally my clients have a primary
situation or question in mind when they take the MAPP Assessment,
and that’s where they want to start. When their “hot”
issue(s) run a little low on steam, I give them the old “how
do you respond to the idea of getting more 1’s into
your life and 5’s out?” That can literally be
years of work.

Oops! P.S. there’s also
the time multiplier, sales and group possibilities.

And I don’t have the slightest
problem with making a little more money (as long as I continue
to do good).

By Alison Reams, Master Coach,
Westport, CT

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