Member Survey Update

by Nina East

BIG, big thanks to everyone who participated in the recent member survey. 130 of us participated and shared ideas, experiences and "wishes" that will help the IAC continue to improve, meet our needs even more, and fine tune the implementation of the strategic plan. We also have a plethora of new information about the website that will be incorporated into the updates currently in the works.

We are still digesting the information – and there was a lot of it! So stayed tuned to the next issue of the VOICE where we'll share a summary of what we, the members, had to say about our organization.

IAC Survey Gift Card Winners

Thank you to all who completed the IAC survey last month, and congratulations to our gift card winners, listed here:

Gina From Mexico

Marco from Canada

Wouter from the Phillipines

Vicky from the US

Andree from Canada

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