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IAC certification is one of the most rigorous and thorough
testing in the coaching industry. As a founding member I am
honored to be one of the first coaches to be certified by
the International Association of Coaching. I highly recommend
membership and certification through the IAC. I have
received many benefits including liability insurance at a
reasonable rate.

Nanci Biddle CEC, CV-CC, IAC-CC


an active coach since 1998, long associated with the International
Coach Federation, I recognize the great diversity in coaching styles,
methods, and perspectives. The perspective of the IAC, which focuses on
coaching proficiency and excellence regardless of coach-specific
training, makes a valuable contribution to our profession. The
important question is not, "Were you trained?" The important question
is, "Can you coach?" The IAC credential answers that important
question. Proficiency-based, the credential evokes greatness in

Bob Tschannen-Moran
LifeTrek Coaching International

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