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As an IAC
certified coach since 2004, my experiences within this
organization have been very positive. One of the best
features of IAC is the continuous emphasis on becoming a
master in the coaching proficiencies. As a result of this
excellent training, I have tools available for championing
my clients to create structures for personal and
professional growth. The boomerang effect is that I have
attracted ideal clients by incorporating these proficiencies
into my own life!
Becoming certified is a rigorous process
that is well worth the time and financial investment.

Lind, IAC Certified Coach, CVCC, M.A.T. is the co-founder of

Focus On Purpose
– a Christian coaching business
offering telephone coaching, workshops and assessments. Dawn
and her husband work as a team inspiring clients to stay
focused on their God-given purpose.




Coaching is
my calling and like most coaches, I wanted a credential that
says I’m a professional who knows what I’m doing, so way
back in 2002, when Thomas Leonard announced a new way to get
certified based on the quality of the actual coaching, I
decided that was the certification for me.

Since then,
I’ve been involved in every facet of IAC Coach
Certification, training, certifying (for Coachville) and mentoring other
coaches. It’s a labor of love. Nothing’s more exciting than
hearing a good coach become a fantastic coach. I’m honored
to be involved. The IAC is a wonderful organization!

Stewart, IAC-CC


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