Benefits of joining the progressive IAC® coaching organization


Beyond the obvious benefits that come with being part of a community of leading and forward-thinking coaches, there are additional tangible and intangible benefits that come with membership.

This is a lengthy list of benefits, but it will never be complete. Members and Board of Governors Members are always in search of new, relevant resources, tools, and services that serve the membership.

Access the Benefits Pack for IAC® members
Download the document and know the details of the benefits you enjoy in essential areas in your development as a coach:


IAC® VOICE Newsletter – Cutting Edge of Performance Contents

  • The IAC VOICE is the official newsletter of the International Association of Coaching. The IAC® VOICE is a wonderful benefit in itself with articles and links to high value coaching information and news. The IAC VOICE is also the best way to stay current with the growing benefits of your association and the leading practices in the world of coaching.

    Want articles on being a better coach? Do you want to know the events and activities in which our member coach participates? The IAC VOICE is full of them. See the list of archived topics on the button at the bottom of our IAC VOICE page for expert articles on almost any coaching topic and enjoy our revamped magazine.
    You will access the IAC VOICE every quarterly. Every serious coach reads this newsletter.

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Membership and Certification Certificates

  • Be proud of your membership and certification! Membership and certification certificates can be obtained directly in your member dashboard (exclusive area for members).
    For any additional support, please email your request to Please include your membership number in your request.

The IAC® Logo – Branding NOW! Contents

  • Access your official IAC member logo on your member dashboard. You can use it on your business cards, physical or digital, and enhance your personal and professional brand as a coach.
    Include it into your own website, use it on business cards – as you wish. Instant branding!
    The IAC® invests heavily in its global brand. As soon as you stamp the logo onto your own materials, all of that branding investment becomes yours!

Two levels of certification Contents

  • The IAC® provides two levels of certification: IAC-Certified Coach™, and  IAC-Master Coach™. Certification is based on expert evaluation of  recorded coaching sessions that are submitted by the applicant. The level of certification granted depends on the rating achieved in the evaluation.

    Certification by the IAC® is rigorous. The applicant is advised to research the process and the requirements, and undergo diligent preparation prior to submitting recordings for evaluation. Certification in other helping professions should not be construed as adequate preparation for IAC® coach certification without further preparation.

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IAC-Masteries Practitioner™ Designation Contents

  • IAC-Masteries Practitioner™ designation is an initiative aimed at providing recognition for members who have undergone significant development in coaching but have not yet completed the certification process.

    An IAC-Masteries Practitioner™ has undergone a formally approved Development Plan aimed at developing coaching proficiency.

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The Coaching Masteries® – Defining Excellence

  • The purpose of The Coaching  Masteries ® is to provide the basis and standards for a truly independent certifying body, without allegiance to any coach training schools or organizations. Our goal is to create a vehicle for evaluating effective coaching in the moment. Specifically, the IAC® certification process, conducted by IAC trained examiners, focuses on the masterful coaching skills demonstrated by the coach in a recorded session with a client.

    The Coaching  Masteries ® were developed by an international team of coaches with the aim to produce clear standards and measures for what constitutes the highest level of coaching, and that can be understood in any culture around the world.

    The Coaching  Masteries ® is perhaps the most concise and valuable paper available on coaching excellence, and it’s free to IAC® members.

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IAC® Chapters – Community, Networking, Local Support

  • IAC® Chapters are independent subsets of IAC® that are focused on serving members in particular geographical situations (a city or country) – or sometimes coaches with a certain need, such as those seeking coaching certification.

    Our mission at IAC® is to inspire the on-going evolution and application of universal coaching standards. But this doesn’t happen in a vacuum. Coaching standards evolve and are applied by masterful coaches who meet with one another. Coaches who share client experiences, great ideas, lessons learned, and useful resources. Coaches collaborate with one another on new ways to raise the field of coaching to an even higher level of value, ethics, and professionalism.

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  •  IAC® members and coach training organizations represented by an IAC-Certified Coach™ or an IAC-Master Coach™ can apply for accreditation. IAC® provides a robust framework and guidelines for a school to become accredited. With this accreditation, schools can assist clients or students to become IAC® certified, and leverage IAC®’s rigorous certification process to further promote coaching excellence and professionalism.
    Accredited schools become authorised to teach The Coaching Masteries®. They not only have their program accredited but also have a professional listing and link on IAC®’s website, raising their visibility with potential clients and students. Further the schools get an opportunity to participate and collaborate in global projects spearheaded by IAC®. We consider the accredited schools and coaches as valued partners in the achievement of coaching mastery as well enhancing the coaching standard.

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Find a Coach – Promoting YOU!

  • The IAC® website has a special function that allows searches (by name, language, country) to locate coaches who are IAC members worldwide. This ability allows potential clients, or coaches who want to connect with others, to search and connect to strengthen and create knowledge networks.

    Every member coach must keep their profile updated, accessing their member dashboard so that they can show complete and updated information within the directory.
    ‘Find a Coach’ is a valuable element for every coaching professional who wants to expand their networks, connect, make themselves visible on a recognized platform, and enhance their brand.

A Volunteer Culture – Networking and the Multiplier Effect

  • The IAC® is primarily a volunteer organization. Every month, hundreds of hours of volunteer effort go into serving the membership. By working together in the spirit of serving one another, our clients and communities, each of us magnifies our individual efforts many times over.

    Volunteering is a great way to network, work shoulder-to-shoulder with other professionals, gain experience in the world of coaching and even get access to information that is not commonly available. Volunteers serve in a wide variety of capacities including: Volunteer Coordinator, Social Media Coordinator and Member Survey Researcher. Even the members of our Board of Governors are volunteers.

    We are a community of talents – we need you. Visit the link below and join the team!

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Visit the IAC® Online

Stay current and get networked by joining us online on our website, Facebook, Youtube, Instagram and LinkedIn!

Coaching Conferences

  • The IAC® hosts, co-hosts and contributes to a variety of conferences every year, including the annual International Coaching Conference held at prime conference locations throughout the world. Members may receive registration discounts for some conferences.

    Speakers are selected from leading experts in the coaching world. The conferences offer exceptional networking opportunities with other professionals and key clients.

Coaching Research

The IAC® uses contemporary coaching research to support IAC® coaches to become models of coaching excellence. Some of the services provided:

  1. IAC® members are periodically provided with practical summaries of cutting-edge coaching research findings, ensuring that you keep abreast of the most recent research so that you keep your mastery current.
  2. The IAC® supports coaching researchers to generate and disseminate their research through the Coaching Research Community. The Coaching Research Community is hosted by the IAC® but is open to anyone who is currently engaging in coaching research, who has completed coaching research and any coaches who have completed a doctorate.


  • These are some of the benefits that can you enjoy by becoming an IAC® member.
    Once you have joined the IAC®, you can enjoy many more, such as:

    integrating exclusive training spaces, participating as a presenter, moderator, contributing articles and content to our IAC® VOICE magazine, connecting with top professionals level in different parts of the world, participating in the organization of social, local, global projects, in addition to being recognized as a Coach who makes active life in the global IAC® community.

We welcome you to the IAC® Global Family. The Home of The Coaching Masteries®

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